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Dors Feline retires and will have a breast reduction

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Dors Feline announced her retirement. That's too bad sure but happens more often. What is remarkable is her motive. This is what she said on Twitter: "I retired from modelling because I finally made enough money for a breast reduction, something I've wanted since I was 14".

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Dors Feline in the shower of Plumper Pass

Ok that's a surprise. But the story gets stranger: "You may be confused and think I liked modelling? You are wrong, I call it poetic that the one thing I despise managed to work in my favour". And :"I played the game and won, I pretended to be sexy and now I'm free".

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Dors Feline sexy in red at XL-Girls

And the story still is not done. As Dors (as Kelly) is in a documentary on Discorvery Health called 'My Naked Secret: Trapped in "Their" Body'. Talking like the sadest girl in the world. Check out the trailer here!

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Dors Feline takes her big boobs on vacation

My opinion? I respect her decision but I don't like the overacting in the documentary. Also I think she made a little more than just the money for the surgery like she claims. But that's fine I don't feel played and I wish Dors the best in the rest of her life. And yeah thanks for sharing your big naturals we did appreciate them unlike yourself.