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31 December: The Class of 2011

The Class of 2011

On this last day year of the year I give you the busty newcomers of the Class of 2011. There 80 of them which are 5 more than than there were in 2010. I am not claiming this is a complete list as I may have missed some especially in the BBW scene. Anyway I want to thank you all for visiting my site, I hope you appreciate what I do. Ofcourse I will continue to supply you with big boobs in 2012.

30 December: Esmeralda pure perfection

Esmeralda pure perfection

I personally prefer curvy girls with ordinary looks like like Kleio and Melissa but for those of you who like perfection I have Esmeralda of The Life Erotic. Her body is nothing but a work of art and will make many girls jealous. This curly brunette comes from Argentina and has also done many shoots at Walter Bosque.

30 December: Melissa Manning

Melissa Manning

Come-back of the year ? Pretty easy choice that's Jaime aka Melissa Manning and it looks like this huge chested girl from Michigan is here to stay. Cause this new shoot at Scoreland where she takes off her green blouse was just released. Excellent... Gallery'

Can't enough of her big tits ? Good news for you, she's active at Live Jasmin as MelissaM34G.

30 December: Kleio Lune

Kleio Lune

Maybe you never saw this young lady before you get too excited she isn't a new model. This is a collection of older pictures of Kleio Lune an amateur of the nerdy type (in a good way) who had her own blog/website for a while back in 2008 if I am correct. She's long gone now but her epic big breasts deserve not to be forgoten. And who knows you may discover the next 'Kleio' at Newbie Nudes.

29 December: What a slumber party!

What a slumber party!

It really hurted me to do so but I removed this gallery of Lillian Faye from the Best Big Boobs of 2011. But what other choice do I have when legendary ladies like Valory Irene, Sophie Mei and Eden Mor come together for a slumber party ? My point exactly :P They have a pillow fight first before they all end up naked. Oh man I wish I was a fly on the wall when this took place... Scoreland's slumber party.

29 December: Jessica Stone

Jessica Stone

Jessica Stone is also blonde but except for that she's the total opposite of Irinka. Her tanlined tits are not perky but floppy, she's not slender but chubby and she's far from as cute. But I can like girls for all sorts of reasons. There's another big difference, Jessica also does have sex on camera like here at Big Naturals. And I also have her getting naked in the kitchen of Karups. Like her ? Then check out Ami Jordan.

29 December: Irina aka July

Irina aka July

When you have a real good memory you will know that I posted this exact same gallery of Irina of Met Art back in 2009. The reason for re-posting is not that her breasts are perfect and perky (they are though) and that these some of the best topless in jeans shots I ever saw. No the real reason is that I recently found out this blonde cutie from Russia wasn't a one-hit-wonder but also did pose for Zemani as July, 01 02 03.

28 December: Veronika of Cosmid

Veronika of Cosmid

Veronika of Cosmid is a new model to that site but we have met this alternative young lady before as Veronica Rose (of Burning Angel). She got a pretty face, a whole lotta curves, piercings and many tattoos all over her body. I am grateful that she left her boobs ink free as that's a sin in my believe. Enjoy her getting naked on the couch! Do I have something more ? Sure here's Marjana posing nude at Met Art.

28 December: Stella at Karups

Stella at Karups

Stella's shoots at Simonscans were without a doubt highlights of the year combining both her stunning body and top of the bill photography, 01 02. So it's good to see her back again this time at Karups where she takes off her striped shirt and grants us a look at her big tits... Gallery I hope to see lots of more of this Hungarian honey in 2012. And Jodie Gasson from the UK takes off her bra at Girl Folio.

28 December: Rita goes wild

Rita goes wild

Remember Rita the busty beauty from the Czech Republic ? We already knew she was wilder than she looks because of this blowjob scene. But in the following galleries she takes the next step. At first she's still alone and naked at the lake but later she got company form a guy who took her to silent spot to have sex. But that's not all she also pays the rent by giving sexual favours at Mike's Apartment.

27 December: Felcia skinny dipping

Felcia skinny dipping

Ofcourse Felicia made it to the best of 2011 and even when that list would be only be a top 5 of the year she would have been in it. The point I am trying to make is that I am crazy about her but you probably already understood that :) You know what ? I shut up now and let you watch Felicia skinny dipping in the lake. Pretty good aswell is this clip of Lana B. (aka Sveta) in the bathroom of We Are Hairy.

27 December: Emily S. of Only Tease

Emily S. of Only Tease

The good guys of Only Tease discovered a new British Talent going by the name of Emily S. The first thing you will notice about her (well make that the second) is how very skinny she is. Taking that into consideration it's amazing how big her breasts are. On top of that she got a beautiful face aswell. Plenty of reason that pay close attention when she takes off her sexy pink dress... Emily S. of Only Tease

27 December: Bitsy is Alyssa Taylor

Bitsy is Alyssa Taylor

I already said that Bitsy of Busty Teens looked familair when I posted her last week. Turns out this pale skinned girl from the US was active back in 2009 as Alyssa Taylor. She also did a couple of hardcore shoots like this one at Amateur Allure. And I also have her playing guitar naked at 18eighteen and masturbating at Naughymag. Nice another case solved :)

26 December: 2011 the year in boobs

2011 the year in boobs

I am proud to present you my final selection of the Best Big Boobs of 2011. It's safe to say it was a great year for booblovers like us (but I admit I say that every year) with lots of busty newcomers, hardcore suprises and interesting come-backs. I can only hope that 2012 will be of the same quality. And once again I am sorry for the women that didn't made it to the final list, it doesn't mean I didn't appreciate your work!

26 December: Leanne and Venera

Leanne and Venera

I actually said to myself enough with Xmas already. But when quality ladies like Leanne Crow and Sexy Venera put on their Santa hats I just can't ignore them. It's Leanne's second Christmas shoot the first one was at Pinup Files and the new one is at Scoreland. And Venera did one last year for DDF Busty and repeats it in 2011 for again Scoreland. And what the hell Cassandra deserves to be mentioned too!

25 December: Happy Xmas with Hannah

Happy Xmas with Hannah

Hello is anyone even out there ? Well I managed to sneak away from my Christmas obligations to fulfill my duties to you. And I am glad I checked in cause Hannah Sharp is the kind of girl I don't want to miss. Santa may consider himself lucky to have a such a sexy helper and so should we.... Gallery. And I also found this contribution of Just Danica in my mail this morning.

24 December: Lexy aka Demi Scott

Lexy aka Demi Scott

Lexy aka Demi Scott takes off her Santa costume in front of the Christmas tree. The cherry on the cake is that she's decorates her big boobs aswell... Gallery

By the way she's busty Xmas babe number 83 in my collection. The show isn't over yet though as I saw a few sets to be releasesd tomorrow. We'll meet again then and I wish you lots of fun this evening.

24 December: Sophie and Aria

Sophie and Aria

Sure Sophia (aka Sophie Mei) you're more than welcome to celebrate Christmas together with us aswell. Who can possibly resist your juicy curves ? And I can't let you stand in the cold when you're dressed so minimal. So come on in honey ... Gallery

And it doesn't look very cold where Aria Giovanni is does it ? All well it's the idea that counts.

23 December: Jenya D. and Petra

Jenya D. and Petra

Spending Christmas together with Jenya D. (also known as Katie Fey) looks like a real pleasure. She's looking so beautiful in her elegant but seductive red dress, matching high heels and white stockings. I would give up my Ipad 2 64 GB present in a heart beat just to be with her and her perfect big breasts... Jenya D. of Met Art. And Petra (aka Shelby Moon) find outs that even Santa has his needs :P

23 December: Holly and Tegan Brady

Holly and Tegan Brady

Holly Ann Muldoon also joins this year's Christmas party by taking everything off except for her white socks. This might be a big no-no for guys but when you're busty and blonde that's suddenly not a problem :) Gallery. The ultimate Xmas present would be if Tegan Brady would finally show it 'all'. That sadly doesn't happen but she does look very cute and sexy I give her that, pics and clip.

23 December: Lorna Morgan Xmas

Lorna Morgan Xmas

Somehow I missed (fail!) this clip of Lorna Morgan last year so ignore the fact that she wishes you a 'fabulous 2011'. That being said this instantly became one of my Holiday favourites and deverves to be posted. Watch this friendly lady in the snow (gives it a special touch doesn't ?) where she releases her impressive big tits from her sexy Santa costume.. Clip

22 December: Anastasia of Femjoy

Anastasia of Femjoy

Anastasia who you see here is a model from Ukraine who has been retired for quite a while. But for some reason Femjoy kept this shoot in stock and only released it recently. I don't mind seeing her curvy body again for old times sake... Gallery. Also from Femjoy is Carisha who is almost too perfect for my personal taste. I suppose 95% of the men will pick her over Anastasia but I don't.

22 December: Policewoman Abbi Secraa

Policewoman Abbi Secraa

I am not sure if I feel alot safer now that I know policewoman Abbi Secraa is looking after our safety. Sure her deadly weapons can not be ignored but on the other hand being arrested by her doesn't seem exactly like a punishment :) And here are some previous busty cops: Faith, Wifey and Gianna.

Curious how a pair of N-cups look like ? Meet Cotton.

22 December: Marry with a cucumber

Marry with a cucumber

We meet Marry Queen tanning at the pool. But the story doesn't stop here. As she gets naked, oiled her up her body and starts pleasuring herself with a cucumber. I guess she only does these kind of thing where boyfriend isn't around. He's present here!

You know who we had playing with a cucumber before ? The lovely Crystal (aka Jeannine Hanen).

21 December: Leanne Crow meets XX-Cel

Leanne Crow meets XX-Cel

XX-Cel had a preview picture of Leanne Crow in his preview section for a while already and I was very curious to see the results. One of the best models of our times meeting one of the best boob photographers, that must be winning combination. And indeed as you can see for yourself it turns out to be an excellent shoot. I think Leanne agrees with me as she gives her thumbs up in the last picture :) Leanne Crow at XX-Cel

21 December: Cindy White titjob

Cindy White titjob

The chances are that you already forgot about Cindy White, so let me refresh your memory. She's a young busty blonde from the Czech Republic who did a couple of shoots at DDF and 18andBusty and then seemed to be gone. She might still be gone but when browsing the member section of Putalocura I stumbled upon an interesting movie where she's using a her tits and hands to make Torbe happy (which is a far as I know her first and only boy-girl scene).

21 December: Brooke Max in the shower

Brooke Max in the shower

About a month ago we saw curvy goddess Brooke Max make her suprise come-back at Cosmid. I've been eagerly waiting for her next shoot since then which finally was released yesterday. She wears a reveaing white dress which she doesn't take off when hoping into the shower. Not because she's shy but for extra entertainment. Enjoy her big boobs getting wet... Brooke Max takes a shower

21 December: What a dancer!

What a dancer!

I have some top of the bill updates for you today. And the first one is this cute young amateur who dances topless (and later naked) in front of her webcam. The thumbnail doesn't do her justice but trust me when I say she got fantastic big breasts... Clip

Cassandra in a very sexy sailor outfit and earling in the morning Kelly Hall is having her coffee and fruit.

20 December: Sarah and September

Sarah and September

Here are the Christmas contributions of Sarah Nicola Randall and September Carrino. They keep it classy and basic so no funny hats, trees or other decorations but I suppose you can live without them :) Sarah wears a red bra which she, don't worry takes off and September wears a lowcut red sweater and lets her big tits peek out of it... Sarah and Septmas Xmas style

20 December: Blue eyed Bitsy

Blue eyed Bitsy

Although she looks slightly familair I couldn't find anything else about Bitsy of Busty Teens (but feel free to correct me). That being said I really like this girl. You simply can't go wrong with a pale skin, dark hair and blue eyes. She also looks like a slimmer and younger version of Michelle Monaghan.

Terri Jane makes her big ones wet at Plumperpass.

20 December: Monika Kis from Serbia

Monika Kis from Serbia

A visitor sent me a link to a YouTube clip. First I was scepticial as YouTube is known for their prudeness. Well I tell you I am so glad I checked it out anyway. Cause the big boobs of this unknown actress from Serbia, Monika Kis, are worth an Oscar. I normally don't 'do' celebrities but I couldn't resist this one. Enjoy it while it lasts (it might be taken down you know). And more busty clips that will make you saw WOW!

19 December: Hitomi the busty housesitter

Hitomi the busty housesitter

Good news my boobloving friends Hitomi Tanaka returns at Scoreland as a busty housesitter. In the clip you can hear that she has been working on her English and she says: 'Do you like my breasts ?' That seems like the perfect example of a rhetorical question to me. We adore you big tits! Yes I take the liberty to speak on your behalf aswel :) And Rui Akikawa as a small (!) bonus, 01 02.

19 December: Pregnant Haley part 2

Pregnant Haley part 2

I announced it already last week that there would be a part two of the amazing pregnant scene of Haley Cummings at Porn Fidelity. Well it's up and running as we speak. Short synopsis: Ryan tells his wife Kelly Madison that he's the one that knocked up Haley (just pretend ofcourse). Does he get a slap in the face ? No they end up having a threesome. Got to love porn :) Check out the high quality trailer here.

19 December: Rose is Lolly Moon

Rose is Lolly Moon

I promised you to do some more research on Rose last week and I happy to present you the results today (I got nothing else to in the weekend anyway). This sweet blonde from Russia (born 1991) has like most of these girls many different aliases but the one most commonly used is Lolly Moon. She has done a fair amount of hardcore scenes mostly of the wilder type.

19 December: Samantha and Marilyn

Samantha and Marilyn

The first girl of the new week is Samantha which is again a new name for Domenica but like I said before (I sometimes feel like I have said everything before lol) the cat footprints make her easy to identify. Watch her all naked in the living room of Mc Nudes.

Fruit is healthy and so is looking at nude girls so here is Marilyn preseting you an apple.

18 December: 2011 the year in boobs (03)

2011 the year in boobs (03)

Like you probably expected here's part three of the best big boobs of 2011. I had added my personal favourites from July, August and Septmeber. In those months Amy did her first (and only sofar) hardcore schoot, Scoreland went for a vaction to Puerto Vallarta, the spectacular come-back of Jaime (aka Melissa Manning) and blue eyed honey Bex of Cosmid made her debut. Enjoy!

17 December: New Xmas boobies

New Xmas boobies

Am I peeking to early ? I hope I will have something left to show you next week. Anyway I did add new galleries of Tasha Cole and Valory Irene to my collection of Christmas Big Breasts. Aswell as as an preview of Score TV's Holiday edition (which is 66 minutes long!). There's also plenty on enjoy in the Xmas special of Nuts. Still not enough ? Check out the XXXmas blog.

17 December: Julia in the kitchen

Julia in the kitchen

Last week we saw Julia cleaning a house. Today she continues her domestic duties and makes herself useful in the kitchen. She makes dinner, does the dishes and then... then her boss or boyfriend (sorry my Japanese is pretty poor lol) can't control himself any longer. You can't blame him honestly as she is only wearing an apron... Clip: Julia in the kitchen

16 December: Chloe gets hazed

Chloe gets hazed

Our redhead friend Chloe for the second time this week I won't complain about that. And what a great clip it is. She and her friends are new members of some sorority and are getting hazed by the older girls. They have to get naked and shake their asses and later ride on her bike in the hallway (still being naked) and Chloe volunteers to do it first... Chloe at Haze Her

16 December: Dominican Jenny

Dominican Jenny

Is there something special in the water in the Caribbean ? Cause some of the world's most huge chested women come from those Islands. Like Miosotis Claribel, Kristina Milan and Vanessa Dell. And we can add the 34G big tits of Dominican Jenny to the list. I look around but I only spotted her at XX-Cel sofar.

And here's Miosotis at the same site.

16 December: Bad girl Veronica Rose

Bad girl Veronica Rose

Did I made a mistake when I made this gallery of Victoria Rose ? Cause she's called Veronica Rose now both here at Driven By Boredom and here at Burning Angel where's she doing hardcore. May be a name change but most likely my fault. In any case it's good to see this bad and pierced girl again.

Domenica on the couch of Young Busty as Athena.

15 December: Pics of pregnant Haley

Pics of pregnant Haley

Unless you have been living under a rock this week you can't have missed my excitements about the pregnant sex scene Halley Cummings did at Porn Fidelity. And if you carefully watched to the trailer you saw that it ends with 'to be continued' so I assume there's second part coming out soon :P I will keep you posted ofcourse. But for now enjoy these pictures I have for you of the pregnant Haley Cummings in action.

15 December: Miela back at Simonscans

Miela back at Simonscans

The blonde angel Marry Queen or Miela if you prefer is back at Simonscans. And you should know by know that's a guaranatee for a quality shoot. She takes off her bikini, presents her suckable boobies and starts playing with a large dildo... Gallery

Millis aka Mandy Dee looks pretty in pink but even better without. And here's a clever guy!

15 December: Not doing her homework

Not doing her homework

When I was making the profiles of Lisa Corley and Kendra Star I stumbled upon another interesting Russian girl named Rose. I will investigate her further as soon as I got the time but I already have two clips for you. She may look sweet and innocent but instead of doing her homework she prefers doing different things. And on the couch with her boyfriend she does a lot more than just kissing.

14 December: Redhead Chloe returns

Redhead Chloe returns

Redhead Chloe Taylor returns at at Big Naturals. It's good to see that she's still active cause this scene is clearly more recent as the tanlines she had on big breasts are now gone. For the rest nothing much has changed she's still looking sizzling hot and is ready to go... Chloe Taylor in 'Jiggle Jugs'

Sweet teen Madlena has fun with her boyfriend

14 December: Sierra on glass

Sierra on glass

The breasts of Sierra are not as huge as they look in the thumbnail. But that's the effect you get when you press boobs on glass. But that being said this blonde got a nice handful and gives a great show in this clip.

Being the lover of Maggie Green comes with all kind of benefits. And Sveta aka Lana is back doing her usual thing at We Are Haiy.

14 December: Carisha out of her robe

Carisha out of her robe

Gorgeous blonde Carisha is about to take a shower. We don't witness that but we do get see how she takes off her bathrobe and grant us a look at her divine body.

Yesterday Bella Blaze turned 26 and it's about a year ago that she said goodbye porn. A good reason to bringher back, watch her using her mouth and big boobs and many more clips here.

13 December: Jeannine Hansen boobtalk

Jeannine Hansen boobtalk

You might remember from the pics that the breasts of Jeannine Hansen got bigger. In this highly entertaining clip she tells she more about this. That 'it' went from her ass to her boobs, that they got that big that she has to hold them when she's running and that she considering to hire a professional titty holder (I will do it free of charge sweetie!). She has become one of my new favourites... Jeannine Hansen boobtalk

13 December: Ashayia & Kristi Maxx

Ashayia & Kristi Maxx

It's like they say you win some you lose some. We 'win' Kristi Maxx an ebony girl with big boobs who made her debut last week. She did hardcore at Big Naturals, clip and pics and also at Scoreland, pics and clip. And around for a little longer but overlooked by me sofar is Ashaya Lucia from the UK. I found her posing naked at Suburban Amateurs and going all the way at Busty Britain, pics and clip.

13 December: Beverly Paige bye ?

Beverly Paige bye ?

Sad news my friends the word is that Beverly Paige has announced to quit porn, apparently because of a new boyfriend. It seems to be true as she deleted her Twitter and other social media pages. Ah well boyfriends tend to come and go, so maybe she'll make a come-back one day. Anyway I just updated her profile with everthing I could find. Like in this clip where she burns lots of calories and these pics at Scoreland.

12 December: Haley pregnant sex

Haley pregnant sex

Oh wow! I was hoping for this to happen ever since I accounced that Haley Cummings was pregnant a couple of months. She sure kept us waiting but now the day has come! Haley does a late pregnancy sex scene!!! And I tell you it looks even better than I expected it to look :P Seriously if you consider yourself a booblover you must check out this trailer at PornFidelity.

12 December: Secretary Stacy

Secretary Stacy

Monday means back to the office for many of you and also for secretary Stacey. I am not sure what plan she has on her mind, is she meaning to ask for a pay raise ? Cause under her raincoat she only wears black lingerie. This British honey gives us a sneak peak before she off to work... Gallery

Cynthia gets friendly with her senior neighbour.

12 December: Kendra Star

Kendra Star

About two weeks ago I showed you Kendra of 18andBusty and at that time I thought she was a newcomer. Later I found out this sweet Russian girl has been doing more scenes since this summer, going by the name of Kendra Star (and a few more aliases). Turn out she's also a lot wilder than I thought she was.

Voulez vous coucher avec Mademoiselle Lilith ?

12 December: Katy on a chair

Katy on a chair

I probably sound ungrateful but I wish Katy aka Edda would consider doing something else that these erotic poses. It am not talking about hardcore (not that I would say no that) just a little bit of variation. That being said nothing wrong with her big tits, not at all. More: this amateur got a killer body she deserves a better camera though. And Canadian actress Julia Benson is seriouly stacked.

11 December: 2011 the year in boobs (02)

2011 the year in boobs (02)

Here we go with part two of the best big boobs of 2011. Let me mention a few highlights: in April Angela White did hardcore for the very first time, in May busty girls next door Amy made booblovers drool and in June alternative Jessie Minx showed her mindblowing naturals. And I also want to mention two redheads who didn't make it to the end list but were amazing, the topless tourist from the UK and Ruby of Big Naturals.

10 December: Xmas big boobs

Xmas big boobs

I tell you I am not that crazy about Christmas at all. But the one thing I do like are the busty women from all over the world doing these Holiday themed shoots. So I went through my archives and put the best ones on this page (and a 2011 one from Leanne Crow). And I will add new ones as they come available.

All I want for Xmas are... Big Breasts

10 December: Julia cleans a house

Julia cleans a house

Oh poor Julia that house looks like a total mess. First she has to clean all of the garbage laying around. When that's done she has to dust and hang out the laundry to dry. Wait did I already mention she does all of that naked ? I wonder if I can hire her aswell my house could use some Julia aswell and so can I :P

And more women doing their domestic duties.

09 December: Czech Casting

Czech Casting

At the same network where I found Sophie Mei talking about sex there's another site called Czech Casting. Well the name says it all, it's about girls taking their clothes off and showing what they got. Among the many talents I discovered Nikol who you might remember as firm breasted Terry and Dominika (aka Domenica). Let's have a closer look at their bodies and boobs... Nikol and Dominika at Czech Casting

09 December: Satinee, Jasmine and Jane

Satinee, Jasmine and Jane

Pinup Files brings us the second set of their new star Satinee Capona. This girl got a gorgeous smile don't you think ? And when she takes off her purple bra she brings a smile to my face aswell... Gallery

Sensual Jane and Jasmine Black seem to love doing things together. Some time go we saw them together in a foursome. No men this time, just the two of them.

09 December: Kelly Madison 900th

Kelly Madison 900th

Congratulations are in order for Kelly Madison. This notorious pornstar has been running her site for more than 10 years and just reached the milestone of 900 episodes. Quote from her: "Wow what a slut I am!" :) She celebrates this with a special foursome scene, check out the awesome trailer here. Obviously she and her lucky hubby Ryan are in it. I recognize Rachel Love awell but I would love to know who the tall blonde is.

08 December: Jayne of Only Tease

Jayne of Only Tease

For some reason the girl from Only Tease wo we previously knew as Natalie D. changed her name into Jayne. Not idea why but that isn't the only that is different about her as she's no longer a blonde but a brunette now. What hasn't changed thank god are her glorious big boobs. Watch them come out of her pink bra while she strips in the office but keeps on her stockings and heels. Got to love her large areolas!

08 December: Felicia shows them outdoors

Felicia shows them outdoors

Felicia of FTV Girls doesn't bore yet ? Great I feel exactly the same way. So here she is again this time flashing her firm big tits outside. Damn I so want to feel that fantastic pair with my own hands... Gallery

The week before Felicia, FTV published another new busty girl, blonde Sierra. I intially overlooked her maybe that's because she's only 4'11 (150 cm) :)

08 December: Lisa Corley from Russia

Lisa Corley from Russia

It took me hours to gather the links for the profile of this busty brunette from Russia. Not because she did so many shoots but as she literally has a different name on each website she appears on. I decided to go with Lisa Corley simply because that's the only one with a surname. So I hope you agree with me she was worth the trouble :) And if you like her also check out that other rare brunette from Russia, Daisy.

07 December: Cindy aka Natalie Langer

Cindy aka Natalie Langer

Cindy of Digital Desire is a pretty lady with big breasts especially when you consider her slim figure. What makes her even more interesting is something not many people know. Later (these shots are from a couple of years ago) she became a tv personality in Germany (her home country). There she's known as Natalie Langer and participated in Big Brother and also is the (sexy) host of several TV-shows.

07 December: Fawna of No2Silicone

Fawna of No2Silicone

Also very slender is Fawna of No2Silicone who comes to use on her bicycle. She takes a break from her trip and uses her resting time to take off her flower dress and toy her pussy with a big smile... Gallery. Ofcourse I was curious about her and I found that she was active (but rare) as Fawna (sometimes Fawnna) Henderson in the first years of this century. She even did hardcore scenes like here with Peter North.

07 December: Valentina in an old factory

Valentina in an old factory

I never can decide, is Mandi Collins aka Valentina the most skinny model ever or is it Violetta ? There probably isn't an answer to that as they are both look so very fragile. If I was in the position to have sex with any of these two lightweights I would be worried to break them, so it's good tning that will not happen anyway :) Here's an extra large gallery of Valentina naked in an old factory.

06 December: Lana naked on bed

Lana naked on bed

Lana I. (who we know better as Sveta) has done several shoots before at Met Art, like this in one the bathroom. Today this young beauty from Ukraine invites us in the bedroom where she takes off her black lingerie and grants us a peek at her perfecy body and big boobs. But that's not all cause I also have a clip of her doing a striptease at We Are Hairy as Lana B.

06 December: Bex in motion

Bex in motion

You might remember I am crazy about blue eyed sweetheart Bex of Cosmid. So it's really good news that she started to make clips now aswell. In the first one she just took a shower, sadly there's no footage of that but she does let us watch while she lotions her body. Ofcourse taking special care of her big boobs.

Mandy Dee having great looking sex at DDF Busty.

06 December: Aliysa Moore aka Leihla

Aliysa Moore aka Leihla

When I saw Aliysa Moore down her knees at 1000 Facials I first thought she's was a cute newcomer. Later I found out that she's a girl we've known already since 2008 going by the name of Leihla. She had shorter hair and was more skinny back then but her moles and tattoo gave me a 100% confirmation. A nice come-back for sure (and looking better aswell). I added lots of new links to her profile like this one at Hand Domination and these great public nudity shots.

05 December: Eekat returns as Melony

Eekat returns as Melony

I feared that the Russian beauty with juicy big breasts, Eekat of Domai, was going to be a one-hit-wonder. So I was very (pleasantly) suprised to see her appear at Showy Beauty. The beginning of more ? I can only hope so. Enjoy her posing nude in nature... Melony of Showy Beauty. I think she's the girl that comes the closest to the legendary Svanhild aka Abbigail.

05 December: Venera oiled up

Venera oiled up

Sexy Venera fell off the mainpage today, I can't let that happpen can I ? So here are some additional shots of her shoot at Scoreland. The bikini is long gone and she's oiling up her divine body at the pool... Gallery and here's a short clip of this goddess aswell.

More memorable oiled up moments here.

05 December: My Pornstar Wife

My Pornstar Wife

My Pornstar Wife is a bit of a misleading name as this concerns a husband publishing naughty footage of his wife (the type of people you also can find at Newbie Nudes). The wife got a pair of heavy hangers that she loves to flaunt and she also seems to give head quite often (you can marry a woman worse than that right ?). And since every exhibitionist needs a voyeur let's pay them a visit.

05 December: Stella, Karina and Lucy

Stella, Karina and Lucy

No Stella doesn't look quite as stunning in this shoot as she did recently at Simonscans. But everything this petite honey does it worth our attention. So enjoy her taking off her pink dress and present her naked body.

Also Carmen Croft goes naked for us but she keeps on her black stockings. And Lucy Nunvarova looks elegant and seductive at Digital Desire.

04 December: 2011 the year in boobs (01)

2011 the year in boobs (01)

I did it in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. And ofcourse I am also going to do it in 2011: bring you the best big boobs of the year (in my opinion). Always a tough choice to make as I love busty women of all types, shapes and sizes and I have only room for five of them each month. In any case it's safe to say it was a good year for booblovers: 2011 the year in boobs Part 1

03 December: Teacher Hitomi Tanaka

Teacher Hitomi Tanaka

Last sunday I brought you the teacher special and when I am going to update it there will be a spot for the legendary Hitomi Tanaka. This scene doesn't take place in a school but Hitomi is a private teacher hired by the father of the guy you see in the thumb (oh imagine that). Is it predictable that Hitomi ends up naked and gives the guy lessons in boobs instead ? Yes, but I wouldn't want it to be different :) Clip

03 December: Cassidy lifts up her shirt

Cassidy lifts up her shirt

My favourite anonymous amateur is without a doubt Cassidy. Ok I admit there's not much competion in that category but still. I love her big tits obviously, she got the housewife look I like so much and then there is the way she dresses: usually braless and with basic but tight clothes. Plenty of reason to give you a new gallery of this top heavy lady lifting up her shirt at home.

02 December: Felicia boob talk

Felicia boob talk

We had the stunning Felicia of FTV Girls) and you'll agree with me that she deserves a follow-up. So here we have her in the kitchen talking about (and showing them) her big breasts, her important friends as she calls them. Felicia tells how she started to grow (and kept growing), that she hated them at first but now she kind of (!!!) likes them. Well let me assure you Felicia that I do more than just 'like' them :P

02 December: Nata on the phone

Nata on the phone

I am sure you have experienced this in your own life. You're talking on the phone with a girl you never met before and because she has a sexy voice your imagination starts working overtime. This can be a serious disappointment if you meet the girl in person. But in the case of secretary Nata this isn't the case. Previously on the phone, Kim and Christine. And I also updated the office special.

02 December: Introducing Nopalito Porn

Introducing Nopalito Porn

You guys remember the curvy and mature lady from Mexicon named Maritza Mendez. Then you also may remember that she had a supposed daughter, Silvia Loret. It's a stimulating idea for sure but I personally think it's a bit too good to be true. Why I bring them up today ? Cause both their sites are now on a new network site called Nopalito Porn. Which besides these two ladies also features more Aztec girls.

01 December: Lillian Faye is back!

Lillian Faye is back!

My favourite skinny model ? That's an easy one to answer as that's Lillian Faye with a landslide. The only bad thing is that she doesn't come by more often. But ah well I count my blessings and am happy that Scoreland published a new set of her this week. We meet her in classic setting, where she takes off her corset, presents her fantastic big boobs and gets busy with a glass dildo... Lillian Faye back at Scoreland.

01 December: Lots of Leanne

Lots of Leanne

New content of Leanne Crow that I wanted to show you for a while already, but I got distracted by other boobs (sorry Leanne). So no time to waste: 01. She looks nothing but gorgeous taking off her white bikini in the bedroom of Pinup Files 02. What do you prefer a sports car or Leanne ? Stupid question! 03. And very interesting is this clip where Leanne answers lots of questions from her fans.

01 December: Filming his girlfriend

Filming his girlfriend

Looks like this couple spent the entire morning in bed (I assum they have pizza for breakfast lol). Cause when the girl is fixing lunch she's only dressed in her pajama pants, not a bad thing to watch as she has a nice set of juggs. Her boyfriend agrees and starts filming her. She's reluctant at first but after a while she agrees and spices up his 'documentary' by masturbating on top of the kitchen table.