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28 February: Here's Araya again!

Here's Araya again!

Things are certainly going fast with this new amateur on the block Araya Sun. Ten days ago I never heard of her and now I already have her fourth scene for you this time at Big Tits Round Asses (check yes she got both). Got to love to see those sweet boobies jiggle while she's laying on her back and the guy is doing her hard. Looking forward to see you again sweetie!

28 February: Broke amateur Allison

Broke amateur Allison

I am glad Allison was broke otherwise she probably would have gone straight to mall instead of responding to an ad looking for porn models. This Southern sweetheart is blessed with a pair of glorious boobs and wild sex doesn't shy her away. Prepare yourself for some great action... Allison of Broke Amateurs

Some guy filming his very sweet girlfriend.

28 February: Lucie of Cosmid

Lucie of Cosmid

Cosmid is best known for their girls next door from the US. But from time to time they add models from the Czech Republic aswell. Like this busty blonde newcomer called Lucie. The thing with clothespins really isn't necessary though, excellent big tits like that should be treated with love not punishment!

Similar ladies: Sophie Mei, Bubble Kay, Rachel Donati.

28 February: Cassandra as a mistress

Cassandra as a mistress

What is it with all these busty women that they are so eager to whip our ass ? Sexy Venera, Edo, Maggie Green it's all the same story. Do they have anger management issues or something like that ? And today Cassandra joins the club, run for your life :)

Now something more peaceful like Cassandra Calogera masturbating with a toy in this clip.

27 February: 100 times in the bathroom

100 times in the bathroom

I already annouced it last thursday (thanks to Eli) that I would make a new bathroom special. So here it's another 25 galleries of big boobs getting wet and soapy. I also added 5 extra galleries to part 3 that in comination with part 2 and part 1 means that we have now a grand total of a whopping 100! That should give you plenty of busty entertainment on this grey and rainy sunday.

26 February: A bathhouse in Tokyo

A bathhouse in Tokyo

Public bathhouses are invented by the Romans and still are popular in Japan nowadays. And they are the location of interesting things happening :) Who can forget the time that Hitomi Tanaka stunned the men present there with her huge naturals. The friendly ladies of today wash the backs of the men using their soft boobies like sponges and that was just the beginning of their services.

26 February: From the past Tracy West

From the past Tracy West

A couple of weeks ago I made a special about Scoreland's models from over a decade ago. Today I got another woman that was active in the Nineties and deserves not to be forgotten. Her name is Tracy West and she comes from England. Sure in retro-perspective her hairstyle looks funny but I am sure you can look past that and recognize the quality of her big tits, I know I can.

25 February: Pam of Figure Baby

Pam of Figure Baby

I remember it very clear when I saw Pam of Figure Baby for the first time cause she was the very last post of 2010. I even (can't remember who) removed another young lady from the 'Best of 2010' to give her a spot. She fully deserved it cause she's the kind of natural girl next door I love so much. Today she comes back to us wearing stockings and taking off her bra in the bedroom (isn't she sweet like honey).

25 February: Marry shows her love

Marry shows her love

X-Art is an unique site than mixes high quality erotica with porn with stunning looking results. One of their latest updates contained the innocent and cute blonde we know as Marry Queen. It's safe to say that this here best looking scene sofar... Marry shows her love.

And Boobstudy got some nice amateur style snapshots of Marry being naughty at home.

25 February: Peta Todd long due

Peta Todd long due

I did a quick search and it turned out I never posted a single link to content of Peta Todd (London, 1986). Don't ask me why, cause she's crazy beautiful and reported to be all natural. Well my pal of Pmates seems to have a little crush on her, so just follow this link and you will find plenty of galleries.

Aria Giovanni sexy in black at Aziani

24 February: Eli in the shower

Eli in the shower

I am telling you already that I am going to make a new bathroom special on sunday. It was on my to-do list for a while but it was Spanish Eli that gave me the final push. Oh my god just watch her lotioning and cleaning those mighty big boobs, it's almost too much too handle cause I want to feel that pair so very badly... sigh! Clip: Eli of Putalocura in the shower (sorry about the crappy music!)

24 February: Leila of FTV Girls

Leila of FTV Girls

The lovely Latina we got to know as Layla Rose recently has made her way to FTV Girls, which is a guarantee for great quality. In a post shoot interview she told that also her sisters and mother are busty. I would love to see them pose together someday :P But for now enjoy her taking off her summer dress as Leila of FTV Girls. Oh and I also found her masturbating on the couch of Young Busty.

24 February: Breast staring test

Breast staring test

An interesting expirement on this Japanese television show. They put a busty girl with a deep cleavage in the hall. Then they clocked how long the men passing by looked at her big breasts (she pretended not to notice). The winner managed to drool for 33.56 second. All can I say is amateurs! I probably looked longer than 24 hours at all my favourites from Japan but I admit they do give away a bit more :)

23 February: Sexy Venera in bath

Sexy Venera in bath

This is a good day wait make that a great day. Why ? Cause DDF Busty released a new set of the Greek Goddess Sexy Venera (need I say more). She gets rid of her lingerie before taking a bath (which makes perfect sense to me lol). And oh my god those big tits are out of this world it's hard to believe that a pair like that can grown on such a tiny body... Sexy Venera takes a Bath

23 February: Sensual Jane

Sensual Jane

We saw Sensual Jane previously at Simonscans in a mesh colorful dress. This time she's wearing sexy lingerie and puts a toy in her ass. I know some guys are crazy about anal content but I personaly prefer to stare at her big breasts instead.

Michelle Monaghan was born in 1980 so that indeed qualifies her to pose for All Over 30.

23 February: Sofi goes orange

Sofi goes orange

One of Met Art's finest Sofi is posing naked outdoors again with an an orange cloth she holds for artistic purposes. Mother nature sure was in a good mood when she created her... Gallery

We know Sophie Howard mostly from her glamour shoots. But even when she's at home she likes to take nude pics of herself. More selfshooters in this special.

22 February: Araya Sun = Marsha Milano

Araya Sun = Marsha Milano

Last friday we saw this busty girl next door as Marsha Milano of Hand Domination. Turns out she's also active using another name Araya Sun and here at Tugjobs she's once again using her hands to please a guy with a smile on her face. But that's not all as this young cutie also did a full sex scene at Big Mouthfuls. I really didn't expect to find new conent of her that soon but I am sure not complaining.

22 February: Tall and topheavy Virginia

Tall and topheavy Virginia

This tall and topheavy girl from the Czech Republic came first to us as Nika of Cosmid. At Scoreland she goes by the name of Virginia Simms and when she start taking off her clothes a smile on my face appeared :) Want to see her in motion aswell ? Sure, here she is taking a shower.

Curvy Jay from the UK takes off her dress.

21 February: Katlynn of Action Girls

Katlynn of Action Girls

Laura of Total Supercuties is one of the best newcomers of the year sofar. So it's great to spot this sizzling redhead as Kathlynn at Action Girls, where she takes off her bra in a hotel room.

But I found out more about her, like that she's coming from Texas and her true model name seems to be Elizabeth Marxs. Check out this artistic and sexy clip.

21 February: Shanty and Shannon

Shanty and Shannon

Australia attracts many young backpackers. Like best friends from Germany, the young blondes Shanty and Shannon and who love the life in Australia. They are feeling so free and happy that they are getting naked at the beach. One of them got curvy body to fall in love with but I don't know who is who.

Shanty and Shannon from Girls Out West

21 February: Lana Ivans

Lana Ivans

Lana Ivans the rising star from Romania is back at DDF Busty where she takes off her leopard print lingerie for our entertainment... Gallery

And I like her even better in this clip. Her lover is still asleep but Lana is feeling horny. So she decides to wake him up by rubbing her soft big tits in his face... Is that a perfect alarm or what ?

21 February: Cutie does her make-up

Cutie does her make-up

A sweet amateur is doing her make-up in front on the bathroom mirror. I don't know it's a common thing for girls not to get dressed first but I am sure not complaining. Hey mabye she just like to look at herself and who can possibly blame her ? Gallery

Danica of Femjoy takes off her dress and gives a full frontal view at her lovely perky pair.

20 February: Busty Latina Natalia Spice

Busty Latina Natalia Spice

No new special this sunday but someone special instead. Straight from South America comes a new busty latina named Natalia Spice. It's safe to say that she has a smoking hot body. Not only she got a round ass Latin girls are famous for she's also blessed with a pair beautiful big breasts. Enjoy her taking off her bikini in the swimming pool... Pics and clip of busty Latina Natalia Spice

19 February: In a room with Hitomi Tanaka

In a room with Hitomi Tanaka

You can lock me up in the same room with Hitomi Tanaka and that ribbon all weekend and you don't have to worry about me getting bored :) Oh my god no matter how many times I've seen those big boobs they never stop to amaze me, espescially in motion... Clip: Hitomi Tanaka and a red ribbon (by the way the site Big Tits Tokyo has added a new movie of her every single day last week)

19 February: Female warrior Aelita

Female warrior Aelita

Yeah I remember watching the the TV show, Xena the Warrior Princess. I am bit ashamed to admit but I always found it quite entertaining. Anyway poor Xena is now beaten in every posible way by Aelita of Sinful Goddesses. Ofcourse you already recognized her as Mandy Dee and you know the sword is not the only thing she handles well :)

18 February: Marsha Milano so cute!

Marsha Milano so cute!

It's one of these days again that you're glad you have me. I stumbled upon a site called Hand Domination which as you may have guessed feautures girls giving handjobs. That's nice and all but to my suprise they had lots of busty ones among them, some being very rare models which is always a bonus. One of the most recent one Marsha Milano is a girl next door that stole my heart, this cutie got such sweet boobies :P

18 February: Tina of No2Silicone

Tina of No2Silicone

Fake blonde Tina of No2Silcione looks slightly familair but I can't put my finger on it. But I would love to lay my hands on those juicy big boobs of her (maybe that would help my thinking progress lol).

Leanne Crow would wipe the floor with all her competitors if she would ever decide to participate in a wet shirt contest, don't you think ? Clip

18 February: Matrona of Domai

Matrona of Domai

She could be married with children by now as she stopped posing years ago but I always had soft spot for Anastasia aka Katya and her unique pair of big tits. I never knew she was active at Domai as Matrona aswell, but I know now and so do you :)

Ok Nina James is not busty enough to become a regular but you can't deny she's a beauty.

17 February: Deserea a black beauty

Deserea a black beauty

So after the crazy wild footage of Haley I figured we could use something soft and sweet. Well then Deserea of Met Art looks like a perfect candidate to me. Her body is like an work of art, with a smooth milk chocolate colored skin and a pair of perfectly shaped boobies. She's simply one of the most beautiful busty black girls I know. And more soft romance with Chloe on a rowing boat.

17 February: Haley at Public Disgrace

Haley at Public Disgrace

Sure I already knew that Haley Cummings was a wild one. But she really shocked me with this one. She's punished and fucked by a group of guys in a pool hall. It's really raw content so enter at your own risk (but she liked it herself as she said in a post scene interview). Haley at Public Disgrace, clips and pics. And you remember cute redhead Iona Grace ? That girl did a similar thing, clips and pics.

17 February: Uschi Digard & Candy Samples

Uschi Digard & Candy Samples

Uschi Digard was born in Sweden (1948) and was a popular busty performer in the early 70's. She also appeared in the films of famous booblover Russ Meyer. Uschi did frequently 'work; together with milf avant la lettre Candy Samples (born 1940) who became a legendary pornstar. In the following clips you can see them together, 01 02. And here's one of Candy on her own aswell.

16 February: Lady B. of 18andBusty

Lady B. of 18andBusty

I've said this about the guy who runs 18andBusty before, he may not be the best photographer but he has some great scouting skills. Time after time he finds these rare amateurs I never saw before and I many cases never saw again on other sites. His latest dicovery is a girl named Lady B. who is cute, got a sweet smile, a pale skin and most importantly an impressive pair of big breasts.

16 February: Sydney JJ has sex

Sydney JJ has sex

Charlie Cooper is the most popular model at Plumper Pass (which is probably the best bbw site out there). But I would like to vote for the more rare Sydney JJ from England. Why ? Just watch her having sex and you'll understand... pics and clip.

The heavy hangers of Ann Vanderbilt bouce out of her bra and mature Renate naughty in her bedroom.

16 February: Jasmine at Simonscans

Jasmine at Simonscans

Last month we saw Sensual Jane beautifully portraited at Simonscans. And now he does the same thing with another woman from Romania (I wonder if they took a plane together) the curvy-licious Jasmine Black. She presents her oiled-up big boobs with a sweet smile... Gallery

Slender angel Milana posing naked in nature.

15 February: Bella Blaze and Shione

Bella Blaze and Shione

There are strong rumors that Bella Blaze has left the business. But as long as I don't have any official confirmation I like to neglect those (self-fulling prophecy). Anyway a new sex scene of her did pop up at Big Tits Round Asses last week, enjoy!

Shione Cooper is still very alive and kicking and here's she working on a sextape with her boyfriend.

15 February: Donna Ewin

Donna Ewin

Donna Ewin from the UK was a popular playmate in the late 80's and early 90's. I can't remember but that means there's a chance I used to have here hidden under my bed as I was in school during that time. And indeed the style of photography does remind me of those days... Gallery

Haley Marie looks very sexy in the office.

14 February: Terri Jane at Plumperpass

Terri Jane at Plumperpass

Roughly a week ago we saw Dors Feline oiled and naked at Plumperpass. Now another young 'n topheavy Brit with a love for ink, Terri Jane repeats the same thing (but without getting repetitive oh no!). And just like Dors she also makes effective use of the glass table :) Terri Jane at Plumperpass

I am going to update my oiled up special right now.

14 February: Joanna is your Valentine

Joanna is your Valentine

No I haven't forgotten about Valentine's day :) And to express my love for you (in a very platonic way ofcourse lol) I have Joanna Bliss handing a rose to you. It may not be in the best shape cause I has been crushed between her big boobs... Gallery

And I hope you're not the jealous type cause here she's with Laura Orsolya going lesbian in the office.

14 February: Dawn on the Lawn

Dawn on the Lawn

Dawn Allison from Canada got much in common with Kelly Madison. Both mature, blessed with big naturals, active for longer than a decade and both only having sex with their husbands. But while Kelly has gained world wide fame Dawn is a bit underappreciated in my believe. Enough reason to put her in the spotlight this morning while she's gives head on the lawn.

14 February: Who is the owner ?

Who is the owner ?

So let's find out if you may call yourself an expert :) Tell me who is the owner of these lovely big breasts ? A few hints... She's one of Femjoy's leading ladies, is coming from Germany, got a very common name among busty models and looked like this early in her career. Yeah I know I am giving away way too much information and you ofcourse know by know this is the one and only Ashley.

13 February: The Class of 2011

The Class of 2011

Will 2011 be as kind for us as 2010 was ? Only time will tell but the first 'new students' already have reported to us, so things look promising sofar. However I did not spot a new busty superstar yet. But no need for despair as the year only just started.

Meet the busty newcomers of the Class of 2011

12 February: Julia with two lucky men

Julia with two lucky men

Yes I heard you loud and clear you wanted more of the divine Japanese Julia. Well your wish is my command :) So here she's naked in a room together with two men. First they may play with her perfect 'n pointy big tits and later they are invited to cum on her glorious jugs. Let's all be honest would you turn down such a once in a lifetime opportunity ? Clip: Japanese Julia with two lucky men!

12 February: Sapphire Blue

Sapphire Blue

It looks like Pinup Files is expanding their horizon. Last month they added Groovacious Kay to their portfolio and now another busty blonde makes her debut. We know Sapphire Blue for a quite a while, but it's great to see portraited in such an excellent way. I also stumbled upon some rather wild footage where Sapphire is getting forced to masturbate by Mistress Jemstone (don't worry she wasn't harmed).

11 February: Arianna meets Miosotis

Arianna meets Miosotis

Lol who would have thought that the big boobs of Arianna Sinn would ever look medium sized. But that's what you get when you're posing next to a freak of nature like Miositis Claribel. On the last two pictures also Kristina Milan joins the fun, yet another owner of an 'off the chart' rack... Gallery. And at Arianna's own site they had a real naughty meeting called 'Clash of the Super Naturals', clips 01 02 03.

11 February: In the changing room

In the changing room

You know that Cosmid sends cameras to girls all over the US with the mission to let them make their self made sexy clips. For some reason I never paid any attention to Ashley, a young student from Indiana, before. Boy was I wrong cause her boobies are so firm, well shaped and suckable. And the best part is that this friendly girl takes us with her while she's trying on clothes in the changing room of a store.

11 February: Never enough for Angela

Never enough for Angela

Angie (short for Angela White) simply can't get enough of playing with her girlfriends. Well that's great cause I can't get enough of watching them. First I have some more footage of her meeting with Blaire, 01 02. She also new a toy-girl named Roxy with who she has naughty fun on a rooftop. And since we're talking about busty lesbians Layla Rose and her friends moved from the limo to the bedroom.

10 February: Daria D. of Met Art

Daria D. of Met Art

The photographers of Met Art are mostly active in Russia and Ukraine both these countries seem to have endless of young models eager to pose naked. Hency why Met Art has the impressive amount of 2403 girls listed in their archives. Not all of them are interesting for booblovers like us. But newcomer Daria D. does deserve our attention as she is tall, slender and blessed with big breasts.

10 February: Adrianne Black

Adrianne Black

Adrianne Black is a slender czech girl with raven black hair that already made her debut in 2010. Back then she showed her goodies at Cosmid and Boobstudy. In this new shoot at Nubiles I have her flashing in a forest and masturbating in her bedroom.

Sofia Webber is a Shay Laren look-a-like with slightly smaller breasts, which means a stunning babe.

10 February: Anya sexy as never before

Anya sexy as never before

So I checked out the new site of Anya (Merilyn Sakova) this morning and I spilled the coffee from my mouth when I saw her latest update. She was wearing a tight sleeveless sweater, a mini skirt and high heels, wow now that's what I call being dressed for success. That she showed her big tits and masturbated later on was just a bonus. It's the outfit that made my day... Anya sexy as never before

09 February: Pics of Sandra Milka

Pics of Sandra Milka

It was in October 2010 that I introduced you to Sandra Milka from Spain. In the meantime she became one of the leading stars of the Spanish porn network Putalocura. As we speak she has done 8 hardcore videos including bukkake ones (not my thing but hey she keeps smiling during the whole experience so who am I to judge ?). Anyway I never brought you any pictures, untill now... Sandra Milka posing naked

09 February: 750 profiles and Petra Mis

750 profiles and Petra Mis

Last night I added profile 750 to Busty Legends. We're going to celebrate that by paying homage to Petra Mis one of my all time favourites (and the owner of the big boobs in the header image, from this milk shoot) who sadly seems retired. Did you know that Simonia is her younger sister ? And that they posed together three times at least, 01 02 03. To see Petra do hardcore Young Busty is your best choice, 01 02.

09 February: In bath with Amelie

In bath with Amelie

Cute Latina Amelie (who we got to know as Layla Rose lately) is taking a bath and we're a not going to close our eyes right ? And judging by her smile she's doesn't mind at all... Gallery

Legendary pornstar Gianna Michaels in a glamour shoot at Digital Desire, Jenya looking smoking hot in the pool and blonde Nina naked in nature.

08 February: Sina of 18andBusty

Sina of 18andBusty

Let me introduce you to another new model Sina of 18andBusty. She's 19 years old and comes from Austria. We meet her in the bathroom wearing a black bikini. That doesn't last long and we get a peek at her big breasts and find out that she also has a piercing through her right nipple.

Alexia Rae does it doggystyle with her ex-boyfriend.

08 February: Natalie Fiore's black dress

Natalie Fiore's black dress

You're about to see one of the best shoots of Natalie Fiore. You don't have to be a fashion export to regognize that her black dress is so sexy. And when she pulls it down and lifts it up we find that she's not wearing a bra and panties... Natalie on the couch of Big Tits Glamour. Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ? She's french you see :) By the way did you know that Natalie also does webcam shows at ImLive ?

08 February: September on webcam

September on webcam

There are many reason to love this short webcam clip of September Carrino. First off all she hardly wears any make-up which gives her a nice and natural look I always appreciate. Secondly is it just me or are those boobs getting bigger ? Clip (my god what a pair!)

You're never too old for new experiences, so Danica Collins just wanted to give that sybian a ride!

07 February: Suburban Brooke

Suburban Brooke

Say hello to Brook of Suburban Amateurs a slender brunette from Worceste, UK. Eventhough she's new to adult modeling she doesn't seem really shy about taking off her clothes. Maybe that's because she's a 'Hooch' like is printed on her shirt which is slang for a female who is slutty looking, very flirty and seems to be able to get any man she wants (I had to look up the meaning myself lol).

07 February: Becca cleaning (sort of)

Becca cleaning (sort of)

Becca is supposed to do her domestic duties but gets bored of vacuum cleaning soon enough and decides to strip naked (nice tanlines by the way) and masturbate on the couch instead. Since I am neither her husband nor her employer I can only encourage her decisions :) Gallery. And in case you are interested to see her in motion have look at this clip.

07 February: Tasty Trixie and Pam Parker

Tasty Trixie and Pam Parker

You know that I have many fetishes. But pantyhouse and feet are not among them. Regardless of that I did enjoy this gallery of Tasty Trixie taking off her purple dress. This mature model may below the radar of the masses but she's already running her site since 2000.

Heavy chested housewife Pam Parker is entertaining us in the shower cabin.

07 February: Let's talk about redheads

Let's talk about redheads

This weekend I noticed a busty redhead actress on some movie. I didn't finish it but I did google her instantly instead :) Turned out her name was Lily Cole and she did some interesting naked shoots. Now if only Christina Hendricks would follow her example, cause that lady is so sizzling hot. And I also got a nice amateur redhead with glasses for you that deserves as much attention as the celebs get.

06 February: Big boobs in sweaters

Big boobs in sweaters
I've talked about my love for big boobs in sweaters (preferably turtleneck ones) many times, actually they are the only good thing about cold winters. Well until now I only had this pic dump collection. So it was about time to give you a real special with full galleries. Halie (this first girl) is my absolute favourite of all time (with Maggie Green as a close second), I really wish she would make a suprise come-back.

05 February: I am sorry Eva Notty

I am sorry Eva Notty

For some reason I planted this idea in my head that Eva Notty had fake boobs, hence why I never paid any attention to this sexy lady from Arizona (born 1982). Well it seems like I owe you and Eva an apology cause I made a serious misjudgement. After watching her pair in motion (incuding bouncy hardcore) I came to conclusion that they are indeed natural. Btw: she reminds me a lot of Alia Janine.

05 February: The All Japanese Pass

The All Japanese Pass

For a long time I've been bringing you busty girls from Japan in the weekend. So you're familiar with Julia, Hitomo, Rio, Nana and all those other sweet Asians. Time to make you an offer you can't refuse. 20 sites full of Japanese porn (including Big Tits Tokyo) that together combine thousands and thousands of movies, for the price of one. So give yourself a great gift this weekend... some samples 01 02 03 04 05 06

04 February: Oh Venera whip me!

Oh Venera whip me!

No I am not really into playing fetish games. But if Sexy Venera would insist on it, I would be glad to be her slave. I mean which man could possibly resist a pair of big boobs like that, I for sure would not :) So Venera... be my mistress and whip me!

Want to meet Sexy Venera on webcam ? She's active at: Live Jasmin | | Streamate

04 February: Dors Feline

Dors Feline

I guess it's safe to say that Dors Feline is seriously addicted to ink. I can life with that as long she leaves her big tits untouched. Anyway she just made an guest appearance at Plumper Pass where she looks amazing oiled up on top of a glass table!

And for all her true fans, did you know that she opened a new website totally controlled by herself ?

04 February: Miela and Veronika

Miela and Veronika

Miela aka Marry Queen is propbably the most innocent looking girl in porn. However today she's keeps things soft and sticks with taking off her dress and presenting her lovely body with a sweet smile... Gallery

Another innocent angel is Veronika of Met Art who lets us admire her from every angle in this new shoot.

03 February: Hiking with Layla Rose

Hiking with Layla Rose

We've met this gorgeous busty Latina before as Cidella and Amelie but it's seems like we have to call her Layla Rose from now on. Here at Nubiles she goes hiking in the mountains and strips naked while doing that. But there's more as I also have her on the backseat of a limo having naughty fun with her girlfriends. And over at Boobstudy she rubs honey on her beautiful big breasts.

03 February: Angela White with Blaire

Angela White with Blaire

I briefly mentionted the friendly meeting between Ausies Angela White and Blaire last week. But today I found some new clips in my mailbox that I just had to share with you. Why ? Cause lesbian scenes tend to look a bit fake and overacted. But that's not the case with Angela (who really is bi-sexual). It's like they are not aware of the camera and we just happen to be there :) See for yourself, clips 01 02 03.

03 February: Sapphire's sweater

Sapphire's sweater

Few things in life look as good as pair of heavy hangers in a tight sweater. Well curvy redhead Sapphire (who also works as a friendly loan officer!)must have known about my little fetish (that's what I like to think)... Gallery. She did a similar thing earlier when wearing her jogging suit.

Natasha Dulce takes off her dress for her new lover.

02 February: Amateurs from Newbie Nudes

Amateurs from Newbie Nudes

It has been while since I feautured the amateur nude community of Newbie Nudes. So I spend a couple hours last weekend browsing the many profiles of all the ladies sharing their naughty pictures (and sometimes movies). Ofcourse I focused on the ones having big boobs :) This is a little compilation of the shots I saved on my computer. Naturals in all shapes and sizes... Busty amateurs from Newbie Nudes

02 February: Laura back in black

Laura back in black

Laura of Total Super Cuties was one of the best new models of the year sofar. Today she's back wearing a seductive black outfit in the bathroom. Ofcourse she gives us a look at her impressive big tits aswell. Thank you so much honey... Gallery

And Scarlet from the same site is not as hot as Laura but still worth our attention!

02 February: Great webcam show

Great webcam show

Before you get too excited these are not twins you're look at :) This is 'just' a webcam babe making effective use of her mirror. But she does it so great (all oiled up, killer body) that she counts for two... Clip

My favourite extra large lady, Charlie Cooper is having some steamy sex again. With two men at Plumperpass and with one at XL-Girls.

01 February: Lovisa Nea of DDF Busty

Lovisa Nea of DDF Busty

This is the fourth week in a row that DDF Busty delivers a new blonde at our doorstep. I won't list the previous ones cause to be honest they a look a bit 'pale' compared to the stunning beauty Lovisa Nea is. This slender goddess comes from the Slovak Republic and has a pretty face, firm boobs and a body that comes to perfection. Sit back and enjoy her stripping out of her lingerie... Lovisa Nea of DDF Busty

01 February: Sara jumping

Sara jumping

I know of Sara of Step1models for only a few weeks. But I consider her one of my favourite girls next door already. And my love for her only grows with this new clip. First we get to see a nice full frontal look at the body and big breasts and then she's get ready for the finale... jumping around! You don't have to be a clairvoyant to know that looks more than amazing :P

01 February: Violet the skinny one

Violet the skinny one

Violet or Violetta is probably the most skinny among all the busty models I know. That makes her not everyone's cup of tea, but you at least have to find her interesting from a scientific point of view :) As she calls herself a freak of nature because everything she eats go straight to her boobs. Anyway I think she looks good here getting naked in the bedroom...
Violet of Cosmid