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30 June: The Class of 2013

The Class of 2013

The first half of the year has passed, seems like a good time to have look what's going on in the Class of 2013 where all (well most of them) busty newcomers come together. Not much reason to complain, how can you with wonderful models like Tiffany, Krista James and Lana Kendrick to name just a few. But I am not fully satisfied either, so come on unkown girls all over the world share your naturals with us :)

29 June: Stairway to Valory Fleur

Stairway to Valory Fleur

It's good to meet Valory Fleur (Valory Irene) again. I haven't seen much of her lately, maybe she moved on and really got married who knows? What I do know is that she looks great her coming down the stairs and taking off her pink bra... Gallery.

Who is still around is Karina Heart who gets naked in the living room of DDF in this gallery.

29 June: Hitomi's boobs massage

Hitomi's boobs massage

Nurse Hitomi Tanaka walks in on a patient who's masturbating. Most women would start creaming but Hitomi is (as you should know by now) not by any means an average woman and decides to give him a day to never forget instead. I made a clip for you where uses her oiled big boobs to massage his entire body. I can only imagine how great that must feel :) What a divine lady she is!

28 June: Secretary Gemma Lou

Secretary Gemma Lou

I am sure you were longing to see more of British newcomer Gemma Lou for a while. Sorry to keep you waiting for so long, it wasn't intentional believe me, I love this girl as much as you do. So it's good see to her back at Only Tease as a sexy secretary stripping in the office (it's casual Friday afterall)!

New selfshots of: Jess, Lucy and Summer.

28 June: September the mermaid

September the mermaid

Breaking news! Mermaids do exist and they look an awful lot like September Carrino :) Seriously now, I love these kind of orignal shoots and I wish more photographers would be this creative. There's so much you can do with top heavy models, you just need to use your imagination... busty mermaid September.

Erica Campbell backstage getting ready for a shoot.

27 June: Cruising with Stacey

Cruising with Stacey

And we go from one boat to another as I have some footage for you of the U Got Flaunt It cruise (in case you missed it before, don't think twice and click). This clip starts with these 5 British babes (Stacey Poole!) posing topless in a cave but the best moment is when they are asked to put their bikinis back on. Why? Because it's priceless to see Stacey struggling to get her big tits back in :) Clip

27 June: Aneta & Kora under water

Aneta & Kora under water

Sorry Aneta Buena and Kora Kryk, you may be technically under water but I still can't add you to my underwater special a glass boat doesn't count :) Wait I just noticed that they already are in that special with this swimming gallery (yes it's a little confusing lol). All this content most likely comes from this vacaction trip in Croatia a few years ago. More sites should take their models for a holiday, it delivers great content.

26 June: Jaye Rose Fake Taxi

Jaye Rose Fake Taxi

As you may remember redhead Jaye Rose decided to say yes to hardcore a few months ago. Today I came across this sex scene where Jaye is lost in the big city and a 'friendly' taxi driver offers her a ride. Jaye is dressed rather provocatively and the driver can't stop checking her out in the mirror. Where this story ends ? On the backsteat ofcourse :) Jaye Rose Fake Taxi

26 June: Felicia back at Big Naturals

Felicia back at Big Naturals

It's a good week for the lovers of extra curvy white girls. Cause after Melissa and Rockell now Felicia Clover pays us a visit again. How she gets the attention of her lover ? She simply lets her boobs rest on the side of the pool. It's goes without saying that has the desired effect :) Felicia Clover back at Big Naturals. And more Felicia at Bootylicious, pics and clip.

26 June: Domino Madsen of Zishy

Domino Madsen of Zishy

Looking at Domino Madsen of Zishy makes me happy and sad at the same time. Happy because this sweetie from Texas has the next door looks I adore and these candid shots are awesome. Sad because I doubt we ever get to see a full frontal look at her bare big breasts (these shots were taken in August 2012). Maybe I am wrong though (I would to love to be) I guess only time will tell.

25 June: An interview with Rockell

An interview with Rockell

Scoreland did a long (22 minutes) interview with Rockell. The first moment I picked is when this curvy blonde from Alabama does some jumping. After that I fast forwarded to the point where she talks about being a Hooters waitress (damn can you picture that?) and that the male customers liked her 'service' so much that she once got a 100 dollar tip! Clip: An interview with Rockell

25 June: Jenna Doll perfect to me

Jenna Doll perfect to me

Jenna Doll may be long gone but she's not forgotten, at least not by me as she's one of my all time favourites. No Jenna isn't perfect, but she's imperfectly perfect to me :) So every once in a while, I bring her back and this time I selected some pictures of one of the three hardcore shoots she did at the BangBros Network (I wouldn't mind a remaster guys!)... The oiled big boobs of Jenna Doll.

25 June: Courtney Cass

Courtney Cass

Courtney Cass makes an interesting 'case'. When this American blonde started modelling her boobs were nice but not spectacular (her shoots for David Nudes reflect that well). But then! Then she got pregnant and her boobs made an remarkable transformation as you can see here, here and in these shots of Godess Nudes I never saw before. I am curious to find out how they look these days (she is still active as model).

24 June: Danielle Sharp at Pinup Files

Danielle Sharp at Pinup Files

You probably already know Danielle Sharp, a stunning British glamour model who's started her career in 2011 and appeared in various lads magazines. It goes without saying that I am excited to see her make her debut at Pinup Files now. The pictures don't have the usual 'Pinup Files' signature so I guess they got this content from a UK based photographer. That's not a complaint by the way, Danielle is gorgeous!

24 June: Melissa POV shower

Melissa POV shower

I sneaked into the bathroom of Melissa Manning and secretly installed a camera in her shower cabin in order to give you a once in a lifetime experiece, watching Melissa shower from a first person point of view. Ofcourse Melissa noticed the camera right away and guess what, she didn't mind at all ;) So no need to feel guily, simply enjoy being as close to her juice big tits as you will most likely ever get.

24 June: Jodie Piper at Cosmid

Jodie Piper at Cosmid

I completetly forgot to inform you that my new best friend (if you have no idea why click here) Jodie Piper since a few week also is active at Cosmid. In her first shoot she stripped in the bedroom and in the second she takes off her bikini in the bathroom (I only notice now how large her areolas really are).

Bonus: Sweet Helena naked in a pink bedroom.

23 June: Curly and busty

Curly and busty

Women with red hair have their own special, so have the blondes (brunettes don't, there simply too many of them, although I do have the blue eyes dark hair special). For this new special I selected 25 women with curly hair ofcourse all of them having big breasts too. Unlike the breasts I can't give a guarantee that the curls are all natural, but I guess you can live with that :) Special: Curly and Busty.

22 June: Ruri Saijo in control

Ruri Saijo in control

When looking at Japanese porn you may get the idea that girls over there are submissive. I believe (I never had sex with a Japanese girl so I can't verify) that's merely roleplay and it's some kind of secret fantasy of the Japanese men. Take Ruri Saijo for example, in these clips 01 02 the men are dominating her and she's very passive. In this new clip however Ruri is the one who is in control, refreshing!

22 June: Three times Sirale

Three times Sirale

Three times Sirale from the Czech Republic going from soft, to lesbian. to hard: 01. At XX-Cel she looks nice and natural in her casual clothes which ofcourse she also takes off 02. At DDF she's having lesbian fun in the bathroom with LaTaya Roxx 03. And at Culioneros she approaches a 'stranger' in the gym and he agrees (surprise, surprise) to have sex with her.

21 June: Three is a magic number

Three is a magic number

I agree with 'De La Soul' that '3 is a magic number'. However I am not sure they also were talking (or rapping if you like) about three busty models together (although the usual rapper does enjoy big boobs or is just big butts?). Anyway this text is getting out of hand :) So let me just say that Kora, Shione and Jane are spending quality time here in this recent DDF update which is ofcourse a pleasure to watch.

21 June: At the beach with Gina

At the beach with Gina

A really good idea of Busty Britain to get Gina G. out of the house and take her to the beach as I usually like outdoors shoots. And this one in no exception as was to be expected when Gina displays her curves on a sunny day... At the Beach with Gina G.

And for her own website (Georgina Gee) she takes off a red a shirt with a sweet smile... Gallery

20 June: Jodie Piper is a fan!

Jodie Piper is a fan!

Jodie Piper is not only cute and busty, she also got a great taste when it comes down to browsing websites. Cause you might be familiar with the one she's checking out on in this clip :) I can't say that I am not honoured (and couldn't resist giving it a wow tag, flattery will get you everywhere). But there's more than just my ego involved here, Jodie surfs my site with her big tits exposed. Clip: Jodie Piper loves me

20 June: No rules wrestling

No rules wrestling

A no rules wrestling match between a guy and two pornstars that ends iup in a threesosome is a little too much over the top for my personal taste. But hey when these two pornstars are Tessa Lana and Jessica Robbin there's no way I can't ignore in the either :) Clip.

I rarely do 'celebs' but these shots of Kelly Brook topless at the beach in Cancun are amazing.

20 June: Mature redhead Carol

Mature redhead Carol

Carol is pretty, friendly looking and mature redhead from the Czech Republic (born 1977). This morning I stumbled upon a good looking hardcore scene of here at Hairy Twatter. Carol also did several (non hairy) shoots at All Over 30: like here getting naked in the office and here lifting up her mesh top. And here some new pictures of hairy sweetheart Khaterina.

19 June: Charly of 18andBusty

Charly of 18andBusty

Here is another really nice newcomer to our scene is Charly of 18andBusty. A slight alternative girl with tattoo's, pierced nipples and suckable pair of big breasts. In this shoot we see get ridd off her towel (which is slowly becoming a trademark 18andBusty, I like it don't change it), pose naked and get ready to take a shower. I wish I could join to soap her back (ok I admit maybe a litte more too lol).

19 June: Chrissy and Ryan Smiles

Chrissy and Ryan Smiles

Last week a loyal vistoir mailed me how much he adored the big boobs (and the rest) of Chrissy. And since I do anything for my visitors (and because I happen to like Chrissy aswell lol) I figured to post this great clip of her having sex at Culioneros.

Ryan Smiles who made her debut at Team Skeet two weeks ago now also does her thing at Big Naturals.

19 June: Freckled Emma

Freckled Emma

I didn't instantly recognize Emma of Suburban Amateurs but her freckled face did look familair and it didn't take me long to figure out that this is the model we met before as Tessa Thrills aka Emma Leigh.

And the freckles also give me an excuse to mention Chloe Taylor again a fantastic redhead who did a bunch of scenes in 2011 before retiring way too early.

18 June: Siri sex in the office

Siri sex in the office

Excellent to see Siri having another naughty adventure in the office again. As my favourite scene of her (this one) sofar took place there aswell. In this new scene at DDF her co-worker can't take his eyes off her cleavage (very understandable). Siri isn't type to complain about harassment in the workplace, on the contrary she's happy to play along :P Siri having sex in the office of DDF Busty.

18 June: Evelina, Cikita and Helena

Evelina, Cikita and Helena

Since the next post is also going to be wild I wanted to make sure to have a softer intermezzo now. Evelina of Showybeauty a slender cutie from Ukraine, seems like the perfect candicate. Enjoy her unbutton and take off her blouse and present her perky boobies. Some more 'softies': Cikita out off her dress in the garden and Susann lights up her body with neon lights.

18 June: Two times Kristy Snow

Two times Kristy Snow

I have two hardcore scenes for you of pale skinned and floppy chested Kristy Snow. The first one at Big Tits Like Big Dicks and the other one at Big Tits Creampie. Well the titles alreayd give away what you can expect :) By the way I read somewhere that Kristy does porn to fund the rock band she and her husband play in (here's a shot of her and her guitar). If you ever see her perform let me know!

17 June: Calling nurse Sha Rizel

Calling nurse Sha Rizel

We go from one amazing pair of big breasts to another cause here's Sha Rizel back at Scoreland once again. This time as an provactively dressed nurse wanting to check your heart rate. But before she grabs her stethoscope and listens, she first gets naked. Not sure if that's smart thing to do, but that's purely spoken from a medical point of view ofcourse and I won't file a complaint :) Calling nurse Sha Rizel.

17 June: Lana Kendrick

Lana Kendrick

Last monday I told you that Lana Kendrick second shoot was released and I showed you this clip of it. Today Pinup Files also added the mathcing pictures to their site and I figured you wouldn't mind preview of that too... Gallery . Great sure but I would love to see Lana with less make-up some day).

Fresh self shots of: Jess, Lucy and Summer.

16 June: Piano big boobs

Piano big boobs

I hope you are not disappointed by the lack of music going on in this special as most of the models here stick to showing their big boobs in front, near or on top of the piano... Special: Piano Big Boobs

Add let's add some busty guitar players aswell: Alyssa Taylor, Andria Zammi, Daria and Mindy

15 June: Rin Aoki masturbating

Rin Aoki masturbating

No divine groups of Japanese women on this Saturday. But earthly pleasures can be pretty good too, like looking at Rin Aoki playing with herself on the couch with her wondeful big boobs exposed... Clip.

Like watching girls having solo sex ? I have collected close to hundred masturbation clips at Juggs Joy. My personal favourite being 'cucumber' Crystal.

15 June: Summer Jay at Busty Brits

Summer Jay at Busty Brits

The very tall (182 cm 6ft) redhead Summer Jay made her debut at Busty Britain in April this year. She recently also paid a visit to that other site British site Busty Brits. Good news cause the photographer of that site always mananes to get the best out of his models. Summer's face may be a bit masculin but those boobs look quite spectacular.... Summer Jay at Busty Brits.

14 June: Ashley Graham at Pornfidelity

Ashley Graham at Pornfidelity

In early May we saw redhead Ashley Graham do her first hardcore scene. For her very first threesome (at least on camera) she picked Ryan and Kelly Madison. An excellent choice cause that couple always makes sure their guest leave their house fully satisfied and looking at the footage I don't expect any complains from Ashley... Ashley Graham at Pornfidelity. And here's Ashley with the Dirty Masseur.

14 June: Cameron's blue dress

Cameron's blue dress

The girl we got to know as Cameron Skye also submits own made videos to Cosmid for a while. She has done three as we speak and I like this one best, where Cameron films herself in the hallway of a hotel wearing a revealing blue dress (I wonder if she really goes out dressed like that). Talking about revealing out this model/singer from Romania called Anna Sedokova doesn't mind showing some skin either :)

14 June: Polish redhead Colette

Polish redhead Colette

Colette is a Polish redhead who did a few shoots for the site Boobsgarden (now renamed into Myboobs) back in 2007. Needless to tell you I was (and am) a fan of her looks so it's good to see her big tits again (no new content sadly) and now named Ania Colete.

Two redheads with similar looks are the two Eva's of Cosmid and Top Heavy Amateurs.

13 June: A special gift for Alice

A special gift for Alice

A thing you probably didn't know about Alice WOnder is that she she's a huge fan of legendary redhead Faye Reagan. She has always fantasized about Faye, she watches her porn videos and masturbates to them. As Alice's birthday was coming up the good people of FTV Girls dediced to give her (and also us) an unique 'gift'... Letting Alice meet Faye in real life!

13 June: Maggie Green on top

Maggie Green on top

It took Maggie Green quite a while to start doing hardcore (she started her in career in 2003 already) but now that she has crossed that bridge she really seems to like it, like she proofs here again riding on top of her lover in this new scene of Big Naturals.

Jessica Robbin however jumped into hardcore right away, here she's at My Sister's Hot Friend.

13 June: A league of her own

A league of her own

Even when you're not into baseball Siri will give you two big boobs to change your opinion. Enjoy her taking off her outfit piece by piece in this shoot of Scoreland and called 'a league of her own' (beats a homerun imho). Still not convinced ? Then maybe these previous baseball babes with big boobs, Stacey Poole and Ashley Summers will do the trick for you.

12 June: Libby S. of Only Tease

Libby S. of Only Tease

Gemma Lou isn't the only interesting newcomer at Only Tease (good work guys) as here is Libby S. (the S. stands for Smith by the way). Not as busty as Gemma Lou but very pretty and cute and, as you can see when see pulls down her black dress, blessed with a firm pair of natural big breasts. And in case you have thing for pantyhoses this shoot is one right up your alley.... Libby S. of Only Tease

12 June: Carolina of Culioneros

Carolina of Culioneros

Ofcourse I went looking for more at Culioneros after bringing you Catalina last week and that's how I found Carolina, another Latina that will make the heart of lovers of huge chested women pound faster. She first gets a full body massage which brings in her the desired mood for more... Carolina of Culioneros. And in case you prefer them slender and blonde, check out Natalia Starr at Massage Creep.

12 June: Sailing with Sofie

Sailing with Sofie

Told you before that boats are babe magnets. And it doesn't even seem to matter to them if it's a yacht, a basic rowing boat (I however am more the motorboating type lol) or a sailing boat like the one Sofie is spending a naked day on in this gallery.

Bonus beauties: Connie, Michelle and Carmen.

11 June: Hitomi in the kitchen

Hitomi in the kitchen

No I am sorry it isn't Saturday already but there no rules for a legendary lady like Hitomi Tanaka as far as I am concerned. And the pictures I came across are just too good no to immediately post. She not only gets her mighty big tits out here in the kitchen but also gives them a rest (a well deserved one) and that's about as good as it gets :P Hitomi Tanaka at ZZ Tits

11 June: Friendly neighbour Tessa

Friendly neighbour Tessa

Everytime I see Tessa Lane I start to like her better (I especially adore her snow white skin). Remember what a perfect wife she was for Ryan at Pornfidelity ? This time she's a sexy neighbour fixing an argument in her own special way at Naughty America. Tessa is a pretty good actor overall, not Oscar worthy maybe but she plays every role she gets with enthusiasm :) Like here as a maid and as a teacher at Brazzers.

11 June: Grace McKenzie

Grace McKenzie

Here's out floppy blonde friend Grace McKenzie removing her revealing bodystocking and leaving on only her stockings in the kitchen... Gallery. And congratualtions for Grace are in place as she recently got married as you can see in this shot she tweeted (it looks like she had sexy weddingdress just like all these busty brides). Grace is heading for Mexico now and she does tan topless by the way!

10 June: Samantha Jay is back

Samantha Jay is back

Excellent to see Samantha Jay appear at Cosmid again wearing just her orange pumps, white panties and not to forget her glasses! She seems happy to see us (I can assure you Samantha the feeling is very mutual) as she gives us her sweetest smile and squeezes her suckable big breasts together for our viewing pleasure... Samantha Jay topless on bed

10 June: Lana Kendrick in motion

Lana Kendrick in motion

Two weeks have passed since Lana Kendrick first presented her amazing big boobs to the world. From what I gathered Lana is from the UK, usually British glamour models first appear in magazines but this tall beauty came out of nowhere. In the meantime Pinupfiles released two movies of her. This first one matches her debut shoot and the second one came out this weekend and is called 'feeling blue'.

10 June: Holly and Lily haircut

Holly and Lily haircut

I need to have my hair cut somewhere this week. I sincerely doubt my haircut will be as memorable as this guy who visits Holly Michaels and Lily Love at their salon He gets a whole lot more than just a trim.

09 June: Updated specials

Updated specials

I just counted the number of specials I made throughout the years and was surprised that I already made more than 200 of them. And I not only make them I also maintain them. Sites closes down you see and newr content comes available. This morning I updated the follwing ones: mass boobs (one the very best), puffy nipples and playing pool.

08 June: Two guys in heaven

Two guys in heaven

We're back in heaven just like last Saturday with same line-up consisting of Minami Ayase, Rin Kajika, Airu Oshima, Azusa Nagasawa. And they are not alone also two very luck guys have been granted access to this wonderful placeand have a day they will never forget as long as they live ... Clip (I love the start of this scene I only wished it lasted longer).

08 June: Rockell in the bedroom

Rockell in the bedroom

Here we have Rockell Starbux waiting for you in the bedroom. And this sensual blonde from Alabama makes her intentions very clear by taking off her revealing bodystocking as soon as she notices us. Wait for your turn guys I sawy her first :) Gallery.

In the meantime you can enjoy Chrissy getting rid of her dress in the livingroom of Karups.

07 June: Gemma Lou of Only Tease

Gemma Lou of Only Tease

I was looking at some recent backstage pictures of Only Tease when I suddenly noticed a pigtailed girl (picture number one) with a spectacular looking pair of big tits with large areolas who I didn't recognize. It didn't take long to find out her name is Gemma Lou and is an upcoming model and I just had to share some previews of one of her upcoming shoots with you... Gemma Lou of Only Tease

07 June: Erica Campbell wet

Erica Campbell wet

A little more than five years Erica Campbell retired from modelling because she choose to live a Christian life. Thank god (no pun intented!) she left us with an impressive amount of content so I can still bring her back in the spotlight every now and then. Like in this remastered clip of Pinup Files where she pours a bottle of water over her perfect body and boobs.

07 June: Caprice of Amour Angels

Caprice of Amour Angels

Damn it turns out that Reserl isn't rare at all but is Rye (who's not even from Germany but from Hungary) without make-up as a visitor was so kind to mail me last night (thx). Ah well we I do recognize is Caprice of Amour Angels (not that hard I admit). We met this peitite and big breasted honey from Ukraine before as Vera U. of Femjoy a Salma C. of Met Art.

06 June: Reserl from Germany

Reserl from Germany

There are few things in life I enjoy more that discovering a rare girl with big boobs. So I am proud to bring you Reserl of Purzel Video. A very natural looking amateur from Germany who is all naked when masturbating in this casting shoot. With her blue eyes, pale skin and natural looks she reminds me a lot of Destina (minus the hairy part) and also of Tasha Knox. I really hope to see more of Reserl soon.

06 June: Tara Nichols of Playboy

Tara Nichols of Playboy

Tara could have been a legend but she became something else instead. Back in 2006 she showed up at a Playboy casting (here's a clip of it I posted a long time ago). Needless to tell you that they invitied this slender beauty with big breasts from California for a shoot and she became 'Coed of the Week' in August that same year, sadly that was the end of her short career... Tara Nichols of Playboy.

06 June: Chrissy Greene Monstercurves

Chrissy Greene Monstercurves

Last we saw Chrissy Greene make her debut and I found another scene of her having a threesome at Monster Curves (the other girl Callie is less curvy).

Remember these pictures of Mona playing pool ? In this matching clip we find out that she can actuall play but stripping seems to be her real talent.

05 June: Catalina of Culioneros

Catalina of Culioneros

The movies of Culioneros are all in Spanish but hey boobs speak an universal language don't they ? So I am sure you'll understand the 'storyline' :) This scene of busty Latina Catalina already was released in January 2012 but she'll probably be new to most you (she was to me) and she is way too interesting not to post :P Catalina has sex at Culioneros (and that's all she did as far as I know).

05 June: Toni piano strip

Toni piano strip

For some reason (maybe because the photographers tells them to) many of our a friends are attracted to the piano (I am gathering galleries for an upcoming special as we speak). Some of them like Tibby even play on them (not that impressive I admit but still) but mostly they stick to stripping in front of them, like Toni Leane aka Toni Summers does in this recent shoot for Busty Britain.... Gallery.

05 June: Catie Parker Dare Dorm

Catie Parker Dare Dorm

Two weeks ago I showed you sweet blonde Catie Parker for the first time 01 02 and yes I am aware she's belong to the borderline category (no not the disorder lol) but I happen to like her alot so I hope you'll forgive me when I bring her here every now and then. Anyway I spotted her having naughty fun with her college friends in this episode Dare Dorm called 'Singles Only'.

04 June: Melissa Manning cold water

Melissa Manning cold water

Yes we have seen other models before using the garden hose to make their shirt and/or their big tits wet but the circumstances are different here for Melissa Manning as it seems to be rather cold in her garden while the others did this to cool off hot summer days. So Melissa deserves our respect for doing this and it shows her dedication to her fans... Clip: a cold experience for Melissa Manning

04 June: Charlotte, Alia and Keiyra

Charlotte, Alia and Keiyra

I ran out of text space in the previous post but I also wanted to inform you that Charlotte of XX-Cel who I showed you on Saturday also is active for XL-Girls as Charlotte C. pics and clips. Then let's move on to cougar Alia Janine who is very talented using her big boobs and mouth to bring pleasure as you can in this clip of Evil Angel. And French cutie Keiyra Lina came back to Big Naturals for her third sex scene.

04 June: Nikki Smith of XL-Girls

Nikki Smith of XL-Girls

Nikki Smith, a friendly looking girl from California with lots of curves, was active as a webcam model for Streamate for while when she got in touch with the Score Group. In September 2012 she made her debut at XL-Girls where she also did several hardcore scenes. But the story doesn't end here it gets better, as Nikki also got her 48 year old mother into modelling (fake tits sadly), pics and clip.

03 June: Maggie Green at Pornfidelity

Maggie Green at Pornfidelity

Good news another model with big naturals makes her appearance at Porn Fidelity. This time it's a women we know for a long time already, Maggie Green who is spending quality time with Ryan and Kelly Madison. Have I tould you before that I am envy Ryan ? Yeah I thought so :) Maggie Green at Porn Fidelity.

Looks like Ellie Roe had fun during her night out.

03 June: Romantic Kacey

Romantic Kacey

If you watch too much porn you may think otherwise but my personal experience is that most women can appreciate some romance. Candles always do the trick and so a do nice dinner and roses ofcourse 01 02. Oh don't forget to lit up the fireplace. This Russian sweetie Kacey also strikes me as the romantic type, so if you ever go on a date with her you know what do, I am sure you will be rewarded... Clip

03 June: Cameron Skye and Siri

Cameron Skye and Siri

We meet curvy blonde Cameron Skye in a sports store trying out a new tennis outfit. It looks great on her but I do have a friendly request: please play some tennis for me soon! For some reason (discount?) she also get fully naked except for her shoes... Gallery

And Siri takes off her revealing black lingerie in the livingroom in this new shoot of DDF Busty.

02 June: Trying on bra's

Trying on bra's

Being the owner of a pair of big breasts has many perks but there also is a downside: buying a matching bra can be difficult (and expensive). In order to find to right one, our models have to try on many of them first. Annoying for them maybe but not necessarly for us, as watching them doing this is quite a pleasure :) Special: Trying on Bra's

01 June: Welcome to heaven!

Welcome to heaven!

We all have a different picture of heaven (if any) but if it would look anything remotely close to this we all have something to look forward to :) Just imagine these four Japanese women with big boobs waiting for you arrival and giving you a warm welcome like this! Clip: Welcome to the Japanese boob heaven. Ladies presents are: Minami Ayase, Rin Kajika, Airu Oshima, Azusa Nagasawa (thx Mike and Paul).

01 June: Charlotta of XX-Cel

Charlotta of XX-Cel

And believe it or not also Charlotta of XX-Cel is new to the scene. The first shoot of this chubby and top heavy girl from the Czech Republic (born 1989) was released on 30 April. These pictures come from her second shoot in which she strips, jumps on a trampoline and oils up her big tits. Sounds like good fun to me. Oh I also included one of XX-Cel's famous mug shots.

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