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31 August: Trending big boobs

Trending big boobs

As you might know Twitter has trending topics, the most talked about things at a certain moment. I thought it would be nice to do a similar thing with our favourite subject... big boobs. So I looked up what were the most popular model profiles at Busty Legends throughout the years, based on page visits. Many usual suspects obviously but still interesting to see. Special: Trending big boobs. 

30 August: Puffy Mao Hamasaki

Puffy Mao Hamasaki

Here we have Mao Hamasaki ,a sweet Japanese doll we haven't met before, using her a sex toy (a magic wand if I am correct) to massage her big tits and pussy. Got to love those puffy nipples :P

When you're as curvy as Lavina Dream buying a bikini that fits isn't an easy task. So going without one seems like the best possible choice... Gallery.

30 August: Jezabel Vessir strips

Jezabel Vessir strips

Not much to report about Jezabel Vessir, I hope she didn't quit already but I am probably just being impatient. But I do have this gallery of ATK Exotics which I already made a while ago but never posted.

Maserati must have enjoyed her sleepover at the house of Ryan Madison. As he made love to her (maybe not the right word lol) no less than five times!

29 August: Here's another winner!

Here's another winner!

Real Girls Gone Bad is without a doubt one of my favourite sites. True amateurs showing what they got, life doesn't get much better than that. Today I have another winning contender of a wet shirt contest, a sexy brunette who clearly had no second thoughts about presenting her beautiful big breasts to the crowd (and now us). I am not fan of her smile though but with a body like she has that's hardly a problem :P 

29 August: Katrina Jade at Naughty America

Katrina Jade at Naughty America

When fetish model in porn Katrina Jade appeared at Big Naturals in June, I received enthusiastic comments. She did quite a few more scenes after. Today I am bringing the two she did for Naughty America (I save the others for another moment). At Naughty Office she takes care of a complaint as an HR advisor and at My Girlfriend's Busty Friend she's shwoing her meaning of friendship!

29 August: Alina Aliluykina

Alina Aliluykina

I never heard of Alina Aliluykina before but I will never forget her again. Cause this slender brunette with blue eyes is nothing but stunning. She's 21 years old and based in Los Angeles (her name suggests a different place of birth). These pictures were made for a fashion magazine and it's not likely we will ever see Alina make the transfer to adult modelling.

28 August: Brooke and Jessica threesome

Brooke and Jessica threesome

Brooke Wylde we say yesterday and many times before this year but I had forgotten Jessica Roberts a little. Not because I don't like her (I do) but she simply hasn't been very active lately. But here she is again in a threesome with, like you already guessed, Brooke (she btw did one with Noelle Easton before). The good times start in the tub (my favourite moment) and end in the bedroom... Gallery. 

28 August: Flying with Connie Carter

Flying with Connie Carter

As you can see Connie Carter is sitting in an airplane with her big breasts exposed. But what make this clip of Watch4Beauty extraordinary is that Connie also goes up in the air (some loopings included) and also that part is filmed... Flying with Connie Carter.

At Fantasy HD Connie is shaving her legs and pussy which turns on her boyfriend who is watching her.

28 August: Anny Zemly and Io

Anny Zemly and Io

Rememeber Anny Zemly? I posted her debut shoot about two months ago. It's good to see this friendly looking girl from the Czech Republic again, pulling down her colorful top and taking off her bra... Gallery.

And another one of Cosmid is the model with shortest name I know, Io. This mysterious looking brunette this time strips in the hallway.

27 August: The sensual Micky Bells

The sensual Micky Bells

I already mentioned Micky Bells in last Sunday's body transformations special. Micky is one of the very few that lost considerable weight with minimal impact on her boobs, their shape changed though but not in bad way. Just look at them! That still is a highly impressive pair isn't ? A sensual striptease by Micky Bells.

Enjoy the view with and at Jenny.

27 August: Buffy on the balcony and...

Buffy on the balcony and...

No it's the first time we get to see big boobs on a balcony. But only few times the view was as a stunning as on the balcony of Busty Buffy. She and boyfriend are having a drink and he asks Buffy to release them (my compliments for the necklace). Needless to tell you that brings him in the mood so things continue inside the aparment where Buffy rides on top. An afternoon well spent... Clip.

27 August: Brooky Wylde not sleepy

Brooky Wylde not sleepy

So this how Brooke Wylde looks when she sleeps: no top and pajama pants, nice! Since she wasn't feeling sleepy, why not not make some pictures and that's what Zishy did. At Twistys you can see the other side (glammed and having sex) of Brooke, clip and pics.

Like them with tanlines? Then make sure not to miss this elegant young brunette of Met Art named Muse.

26 August: Sheela as Bella of Femjoy

Sheela as Bella of Femjoy

During the last two days a handful of visitors have mailed that Sheela also models for Femjoy as Bella. Actually I already knew and have posted about that, but it does make clear this pretty girl is quite popular these days. So I figured to bring you guys another shoot made by Femjoy. And in my opinion she never looked better than here in a white shirt and jeans before going nude... Sheela as Bella of Femjoy.

26 August: Three times Cassidy Banks

Three times Cassidy Banks

Cassidy Banks is on fire! Since the last time I posted her (less than a week ago) three more wildscenes of this babe with beautiful eyes (yes I mean that!_ have appeared. Here we go: 01. She and two girlfriends are saving the trees in their own special way 02. At Latina Sex Hapes she being naughty at her folks home (with her 'parents' present). 03. And at Big Tit Creampie she flaunts her body before having sex.

26 August: Anna Beck and Jennica

Anna Beck and Jennica

Yesterday had several huge pairs and the first post of today continues on that path. As I have Anna Beck for you, first with her big boobs hanging out of a pink sweater and later naked on the couch and toying.

More top heavy fun as Jennica Lynn is dressed in a fishnet out, well 'dressed' isn't really the right word as the mazer are so large that it barely covers a thing :)

25 August: Luna and Joanna in the sauna

Luna and Joanna in the sauna

Lovers of big breasts know that the sauna of DDF is a legendary place. Here's another amazing session with not one but two models. The still relatively new Luna Amor and the very experienced Joanna Bliss. As you can see these two ladies are getting along very well (they have met before and are both from Romania so that helps).... Luna and Joanna in the sauna of DDF.

25 August: There's Emily again!

There's Emily again!

Before you get too excited no Emily Born is't really back (but who knows what happens). But Cosmid had another shoot of this sensational girl in stock. In the shower she's holding a private wet shirt contest with an obvious winner (but she would win no matter how many others would compete). If you ever read this Emily: Thanks for these and all your previous pics, I really would love to see you return... Gallery.

25 August: Martina of Czech Casting

Martina of Czech Casting

Remember the nameless lady with an enormous pair trying on her bras in a fitting room ? Well I am glad to be able to attach a name to the boobs, as I spotted her at Czech Casting as Martina. She may not be everyone's cup of tea but I have soft spot for these type of very natural ladies. A webcam performer I can highly recommend is the classy, sexy and last but not least wonderful curved Sascha Green.

24 August: Body transformations special

Body transformations special

Lately we've seen some drastic body changes (the curvy comeback of Alana Lace and the weight loss of Micky Bells for example). I figured to make a special about the most remarkable ones that came to my mind (feel free to mail me others). Sometimes it's good news in other cases not so good as losing fat generally makes breasts smaller (also post pregnancy can have a big impact). Enjoy this collection of before and after galleries. 

23 August: Playing with Yuna's boobs

Playing with Yuna's boobs

Japanese porn is different (and sometimes simply strange). However European and American producers can also learn from their movies, cause the Japanese take their big boobs fetish very seriously and often dedicate long scenes to a thing as simple a playing with breasts (with good close-ups too). This clip of Yuba Aoba (and a lot of lube) is great example of what I am talking about.

23 August: Sha trying on bikinis

Sha trying on bikinis

As you know Scoreland loves small bikinis. And a model with breasts as big as Sha Rizel is a perfect candiate for wearing them. In this gallery she tries on a pink, yellow, blue and black one. They all have in common they are as micro as they come.

Cassandra wears a mesh top instead of a bikini at the seaside which looks equally stunning.

22 August: Busty Buffy BDSM

Busty Buffy BDSM

BDSM isn't really my kind of fetish. Still I dediced to pick this shoot of Busty Buffy aka Lucie Wilde for you this time. Why? Well her big boobs in a skin tight outfit is one reason (it does come off aswell!) :P And it's also interesting to see an other side of Lucie. She always came across a such a timid teen, so it's refreshing to see in her control! Still waters run deep.... Busty Buffy playing BDSM games. 

22 August: Newcomer Kayla West

Newcomer Kayla West

A yet another newcomer (I am still catching up) is the very nice and natural Kayla West. About two weeks ago her first scenes were released, one at Big Naturals and the other one at Big Tits Round Asses. Like I said a really nice girl, who slightly reminds me of a girl a similar name, Kali West and of a favourite of mine who retired way too quick, Krista James.

22 August: Sheela at Eternal Desire

Sheela at Eternal Desire

Sofar pretty blonde Sheela has only done shoots for Met Art (here's one I never showed you before of her being naked in the bedroom). But now also Eternal Desire has picked her up and that's a guarantee for a quality shoot (reminder: they are responsisble for the best work of Sha Rizel). Here's she naked except for her stockings that leave her pussy uncovered.

21 August: Aimee Jackson of XL-Girls

Aimee Jackson of XL-Girls

If you're a lover of 'real women' (all women are real but you know what I mean) this new model at XL-Girls will make you're heart pound faster. She goes by the name of Aimee Jackson, is 27 years old and comes from Kansas City where she works as a massage therapist. Two shoots of her were released this week of which I choose this wonderful shower session as the introduction.

21 August: Three times Marina

Three times Marina

Marina Visconti is another regular guest and since she's such a busy bee I have her no less than three times. 01. At Naughty America the brother of her best friend after 30 days finally gets what he's been longing for. 02. At DDF Busty she's a doctor having sex with a patient. 03. And at 18andBusty she shows her big ones in the kitchen (a very natural shoot).

21 August: Viola and Emma Leigh

Viola and Emma Leigh

Yes we know how a naked Viola Bailey looks by now. But there are things in life that never get boring do they ? So enjoy her being naked in the garden.

A girl we don't meet that often is the lovely freckled Brit Emma Leigh aka Tessa Thrills. Here she's strpping on the couch of XX-Cel and showing her body from several different angles.

20 August: Cassidy has sex again

Cassidy has sex again

Last week we had the privilege to watch Cassidy Banks have sex for the first time (in front of a camera that is). The show continues this week with a scene for Big Tits Round Asses. Before the action starts Cassidy tells us that's she from Denver and her exotic looks come from a mix of black, white, Puerto Rican and Peruvian (I hope I heard that last one right). 

20 August: Ewa Sonnet towel nudity

Ewa Sonnet towel nudity

I already mentioned Ewa Sonett yesterday and here's a new clip of a recent movie of her personal website. We meet Ewa in her walk in closet wearing nothing but a towel and struggling with a typical woman problem: having so many clothes but still can't decide what to wear. Well that may not sound particularly intereresting but when the towel suddenly falls on the floor it becomes a pleasure a watch... Clip.

20 August: Tessa Fowler selfies

Tessa Fowler selfies

Yes I know I post Tessa Fowler often these days. But hey I have the perfect excuse: A. Her new site just went live B. She's one of the very best during this period of time . So I am not accepting any complaints :) Anyway here's something totally different than what I have posted of her recently. A wonderful collection of selfies and a few candid shots.

19 August: Polish Magda of DDF Busty

Polish Magda of DDF Busty

When I started blogging about boobs almost a decade ago Poland had many of the then most popular models. Of that 'golden generation' only Ewa Sonnet is still around and new Polish girl don't appear as frequently. So it's great to meet a new talent from that country, one that isn't very hard to like, with her slender body, pretty face and tasty big breasts.. It's a pleasure to introduce you to... Magda of DDF Busty! 

19 August: Curvy Eliska Nikola

Curvy Eliska Nikola

Why not let's make this a day dedicated to newcomers only. Here a we have curvalicous Eliksa Nikola from the US who last week made her (hardcore debut) at Big Naturals. The foreplay is nice aswell with Eliska shaking her juicy big tits and her lover for a day pouring water on them. She seems like a girl who is enjoying her new profession doesn't she ?

19 August: Lora of Eternal Desire

Lora of Eternal Desire

I've been staring at these casting pictures of Lora of Eternal Desire (reported as a newcomer from Ukraine) all morning. Not only because she's so attractive but also because she looks so familiar. She look like a mix of Ellen, Andie Darling and Sydney but I couldn't find a exact match. I looked by she's is no model of Czech Casting either, but I did stumble upon another new model there named Jana. 

18 August: Titania street stripping

Titania street stripping

Two posts below I complained about the weight loss of Sapphire Blue. A model who went the exact opposite direction is redhead Titania Lynn and she shows that some extra pounds don't hurt at all. On the contrary, Titania in my opinion never looked better before! I love how spontaneous, confindent and sexy she looks here stripping on a deserted street. 

18 August: Introducing Julie Kay

Introducing Julie Kay

Checking the 'black tag' at Juggs Joy is all it takes to find out that are many good ebony models active currently. I never introduced you to Julie Kay a very pretty new star who made her debut at Big Tits Round Asses (the topless bicycle ride is wonderful) in July and thee more hardcore scenes later at Stranded Teens, Brown Bunnies and Naughty Mag.

18 August: Bexie and Sapphire

Bexie and Sapphire

Last week I reported about Bexie of Cosmid being active for APD Nudes. What I totally overlooked is that she's also at Only Tease for a while. Like where she strips and ends up only wearing garters.

Another British blonde, Sapphire Blue, sas been around for quite some years. I can't say I like her new slender look as you can here at Cosmid.

17 August: The messy boobs of Buffy

The messy boobs of Buffy

Back with more of Busty Buffy aka Lucie Wilde. Her boyfriend isn't around this time but Buffy (it takes time getting used to that name) knows how to enjoy herself on her own. In the kitchen she wears nothing but an apron (only at first) and covers her tasty big boobs with flour and cream (any volunteers for licking it off?) before she starts to toy herself. 

16 August: Akane massaged and more

Akane massaged and more

During my break I didn't give you a Japanese girl every Saturday. Now that things are back to normal it's time to bring back this tradition again. Here's an excellent clip of Akana Yoshinaga who is first having her beautiful big breasts massaged and later has sex with the same lucky gentleman (pay close attention to the way her boobs jiggle... wonderful). Clip.

16 August: Lily Madison at DDF Busty

Lily Madison at DDF Busty

Ever since her debut Lily Madison has been an exclusive model to Scoreland. Untill now that is as DDF Busty managed to get her in front of their camera. Watch her take off her blue lingerie and reveal her juicy big tits and shaven pussy... Gallery.

Do you Like heavy hangers? The the pair of new model Emily will make you very happy.

15 August: Casey Deluxe at Scoreland

Casey Deluxe at Scoreland

I assume most of you are familiar with slender blonde Casey Deluxe from Germany as I showed you her snow white big boobs quite a few times before (like here at Frivolous Dressorder). It's great to news that she also appears at Scoreland now where she slowly strips out of her classy outfit and lingerie ... Casey Deluxe at Scoreland for the first time (and hopefully not the last).

15 August: Tessa bra try out

Tessa bra try out

Here's a great clip from the brand new personal website of Tessa Fowler. "Trying on bras is fun. I wear them front ways, sideways, backwards, any way you can think of.. but my favorite place for a bra is on the floor! Come watch me see how many different ways I can wear this red bra!"... Clip.

Remember Marie? She's naked in a sauna here.

15 August: Perky Jamie flaunt them

Perky Jamie flaunt them

18 years old tourist Amie was enjoying the sun on Cyrpus when the U Got It Flaunt It crew approached her for a shoot. Amie said 'yes' and had no problem at all flaunting her not so big but oh so perky pair.

Prefer them bigger? Then check out this shoot of Maya Milano who I introduced you to earlier this week.

14 August: Jessica at the LA River

Jessica at the LA River

It was on a rooftop that we met Jessica for the fist time. Her second shoot (now with a surname: Fisher) took place at the LA River, I remember driving there in GTA San Adreas years ago :) Which was fun but still I prefer being there with a naked Jessica, such a fine natural beauty who looks confident about herself and her body... Jessica Fisher of Cosmid.

14 August: Getting to know Shae

Getting to know Shae

It's always interesting to learn a bit more about the person behind the pornstar. So I recommend checking Shae's personal blog where she writes about her personal life and her experiences in adult. Now let´s move on to her most recent work: she and her stepmom are getting along very wel at Moms Bang Teens and she's making lebsian with the attractive Eva Lovia at We Live Together.

14 August: Luna Amor so inviting

Luna Amor so inviting

Oh boy imagine you're the lover of Luna Amor and when cioming home you find her waiting for you in the bedroom, making it very clear what her intentions are. I can only dream about being in such position :P Admire her phenomenal pair of naturals in this shoot.

Sensual Jane (from Romania just like Luna) with whipped cream on her tits in the kitchen.

13 August: Lucie returns as Busty Buffy!!!

Lucie returns as Busty Buffy!!!

Breaking news! I honestly thought we had seen the last of Lucie Wilde but I am so glad I was wrong. Cause this petite Czech teen with unbelievable big boobs not only has done more shoots, she has her own personal website now called Busty Buffy (her new name). It has a nice mix of soft- and hardcore content. Here we have her being horny in the morning... Busty Buffy has sex with her boyfriend.

13 August: Bexie of APD Nudes

Bexie of APD Nudes

A correction: AJ Shine who I posted yesterday isn't new but is the same girl we met as Nikki Louise at Busty Britain (when in doubt check the tattoos).

Remember the sensual and slender blonde Bexie of Cosmid. This British stunner with firm big breasts now also is active at APD Nudes as Bexie B.

12 August: Jezabel Vessir all the way

Jezabel Vessir all the way

We saw the wonderful Jezabel Vessir use her hands and mouth to pleasure a man already but she never went all the way. Untill now that is. As she did two full hardcore scenes recently. In the bedroom of Brown Bunnies and here at Big Tits Round Asses. Also pay attention to the start of the clip when Jezabel is topless on the backseat and her boobs jiggle during the ride. 

12 August: Sunny Hart at Pov Life

Sunny Hart at Pov Life

Curvy young blonde Sunny Hart is a living proof a girl doesn't need to be perfect to be sexy. And girls her type are usually more fun in the bedroom too, as you can see here in this extra long clip of POV Life.

At We Are Hairy I found a new chubby British model named AJ Shine who is very comfortable being naked and naughty in front of a camera, clips 01 02.

12 August: Viola Bailey an update

Viola Bailey an update

Another thing I immediately did when I returned is checking out Viola Bailey. I was curious if she did more naughty stuff after her first hardcore scene. Well she does assist Beata in this scene but doesn't get involved with the guy herself. And three duo shoots with girlfriends: together with Vanessa at Showy Beauty, lesbian fun with Nisha at Viv Thomas and naked with Alsu in the bedroom of Femjoy.

11 August: Maya Milano of Scoreland

Maya Milano of Scoreland

The most remarkable newcomer at Scoreland in the past weeks is as far as I am concerned this young brunette, blessed with very big boobs, named Maya Milano. She's currently studying in Ukraine so I assume she's from that country too. Enjoy her taking off her clothes outdoors and admire her enormous pair and the rest of her curvy body. 

11 August: Cassidy Banks

Cassidy Banks

Slender black model Cassidy Banks made her debut in June and in the meantime her short career took an interesting turn. As she went all the way during a casting session at Nubiles Casting (some matching pictures here). But that's not all. She also is active at Zishy as Cassidiy Ellis and don't miss this excellent summer shoot at for Holly Randall either.

11 August: The website of Tessa Fowler

The website of Tessa Fowler

So did you miss me? A rhetorical question ofcourse :) Anyway since I've been gone for a month lot's of interesting things happened so I have plenty of cathing up to do in the coming week. The fact that Tessa Fowler personal website has been launched seems like great start. From there come these pictures of Tessa having a good time in the shower.

10 August: Newcomer Julia Fleming

Newcomer Julia Fleming

I will be officially 'back' tomorrow but the first thing I did after my break was checking out Cosmid for newcomers. Those who know me long enough will not be surprised that I was immediately in love with Julia Fleming (a 20 years old student from California).Red hair, a fair skin, nice boobies and very natural looks... a girl right up my alley. Can't wait for more! 

08 August: Elizabeth Marxs

Elizabeth Marxs

It looks like redhead Elizabeth Marxs is an exclusive Playboy model these days as I haven't spotted her on any othere site for a long while. Here we have her taking off her lingerie and taking a bath. Maybe it just my imagination but her boobs don't seem as big as early in her career. Still a very sensual lady!

Brooke out of her shiny red dress at Only Tease.

07 August: Hitomi trying on sweaters

Hitomi trying on sweaters

Is Hitomi Tanaka aware of my love for sweaters and is doing me favour by trying several ones of them ? I would like to believe so but that's probably too much honour. Either way it's an amazing thing to watch. My favourite being the red sweater... Gallery.

Rachel Aldana takes off her blue bra by the window and proudly presents her epic big boobs.

06 August: Marta in the woods

Marta in the woods

It's safe to say that beautiful Marta is a nature lover as she's been naked in nature quite a few times before. Well I consider myself a nature lover aswell, especially when Marta is there :)

And we go from out- to indoors as Sarah Nicola Randall is taking off her pink bra in the livingroom and I am sure you don't want to miss that. 

05 August: Abbey in the shower

Abbey in the shower

Violetta aka Abbey welcome you in the bathroom and invites you watch while she takes a shower. Everything this sensational skinny lady does is magic in this clip. From the way she takes off her clothes, to the way she soaps her big naturals and the drying off at the end. Seriously guys don't miss this one... Clip.

Sarah Rae plays with her huge pair at XL-Girls.

04 August: Schoolgirl Melissa Manning

Schoolgirl Melissa Manning

About a month ago I showed you that Scoreland has a thing for small bikinis. Another thing they enjoy very much is letting their models wear school uniforms. Sha Rizel,Valory Irene and Felicia Clover are just a few examples but there many more and I will probably make a special about this subject in the near future. For now let's enjoy the generous curves of Melissa Manning coming out after school... Gallery.

02 August: Monica Mendez vacaction

Monica Mendez vacaction

Monica Mendez recently went for a vacaction trip to Spain. That's nice for her but also for us cause she brought back these wonderful snapshots of her having fun in the sun. I simply love how candid they are and make her look like a 'real tourist' instead of a glamour model. The highlight ofcourse being her tanning topless on the beach :P I wish I was there!

01 August: Emily Born the last time ?

Emily Born the last time ?

Emily Born is a classic example of a model who poses topless and then is spooked by all the overwhelming attentions she gets . Friends and family find out so easily these days through social media and it's understandable that a girl can't coop with that. Maybe Pinup Files (a great match for a model with her looks) will convince her otherwise some day but for now these are the final shots I have of Emily.

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