Busty Story: A Long Chase

from: Rocky

Well at work I chased this little busty girl called Amanda. She was 4'9" with double D's, with an excellent curvy body that I thought was the most beautiful I had ever seen. She also was very pretty with an almost Marilyn Monroe quality to her personality, it gave her a nice charm and made her very cute. She was a confident girl and she loved my attention, she was also five years older than me, I was 25 and she was 30. She had a boyfriend at the time but even though I gave her way too much attention than I should have she never got me in trouble. Sometimes we couldn't stop staring at each other but nothing ever happened.

Anyway it came to the point where I was made 'redundant' during the recession. I got two months notice and I decided to stop giving Amanda attention.

There was a plan to my madness though! I made sure to be nice to her and polite but I stopped complimenting her and I kept conversations short. You could see the confusion in her face and the withdral she suffered from the lack of attention. So the day came when I finished at work.

The next day 12 red roses were delivered to Amanda at work, I knew she would love this as she loved showing off in front of her co-workers. The roses simply had the note "To the most sexy woman in the world". I sent an email with the same subject line, it simply said that I regretted not catching her and it had a few compliments.

I got an one line email back asking "Whats you address?" I thought about it and sent my address, I just hoped she would be the one turning up.

So I tried to pass the time and I cleaned the flat then the doorbell rang. It was Amanda, looking very sexy in her usual work clothes. So I invited her in and she asked if she could use the shower as she had just come from work.

I said yes and when she was done she came out just wearing a towel. I could see her clearly from the living room couch, she dropped the towel just as she entered my bedroom and then called me in. She was lying in my bed saying how comfortable it was and that I should join her. I got in fully dressed and got a glimpse of her naked body as I lifted the covers.

I had always planned to ignore her breasts the first time we had sex. So I stuck to the plan and we made love in every position but I touched everything except her breasts. Even when she was on top and all I could see of her were her breasts juggling and bouncing but I kept my hands on her hips, lifting her a little higher when she moved just so I could see them bounce a little bit more.

She then grabbed my hands and placed them on her breasts, I felt it would be insulting to move them away so I just lay there playing with her amazing breasts until she orgasmed :) She fell onto me with her breasts pressing against my chest.

We just lay there for a while cuddling and then my plan worked. She asked "You don't like my breasts?" I responded that I thought they were beautiful. She told me that every guy she had ever been with grabbed them right away and that she liked that I gave the rest of her body attention. "I'm not every other guy" was my reply.

She moved to kneel between my legs and commented "I don't normal do this, not even with my boyfriend". She then leaned over and placed both breasts around my dick and pressed them together. It was quite a feeling!

They were soft and warm and she moved pretty well as I was about to cum. I held on for as long as I could just to enjoy the experience. Then I rolled her over and did my final thrusts as she pressed her firm breasts together, my cock just disappearing between them with only a small part of my head appearing at the other end. I came and you could actually hear it as the cum attempted to escape from the pressure she was creating. At the end of my thrust my dick appeared and there was a small shot of cum that reached her neck, the rest was all in her cleavage as she released my dick. She sucked me clean and I massaged the cum into her breasts.

We are now married and have a one year old daughter, she still thinks that she turned me into a breast man and she takes a lot of pride in that. She will never know that I've always been a breast man! I still get the honour of fucking her breasts and as far as I know I am the only one who ever has.

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