Busty Story: Amy and Suzi

from: Daniel

I was owed a few days of holiday so I took some time off while my wife remained at work. I have always been quite shy and very faithful so it was a total shock what was about to happen.

It was a blazing hot day so first thing I did was slipping on a pair of shorts and then I started to mow the lawn. I then sorted out the flower beds before trimming the hedges with our very noisy hedgetrimmer, by which time it was lunch time. I stopped for a break then resumed where I had left off and trimmed the last section of hedge which seperates our house from our neighbours. By the way, we had new neighbours and because I work away most of the time I had yet to meet them properly although I had met the man of the house who was about my age. As it was quite a high hedge I had to use my step ladder to deal with the top and this gave me a clear view over the hedge and into our neighbours garden where I saw the most stunning women I had ever seen. It turned out my neighbour has a daughter of about 20 years old who was home from university and who was stunning herself along with her friend in the garden in the tiniest bikinis I had ever seen. As I started to cut the hedge both girls looked up and said hello so I stopped the machine and we chatted for a few minutes and we were introduced to each other. The girls were Amy, my neighbour's daughter and Suzi, her friend. Amy indicated that they were housesitting as her parents were out of the country on holiday. I could not help noticing that Suzi had enormous breasts that were incredibly firm and pointed straight into the sky as she lay on her back. Amy had nice rounded boobs but slighly smaller.

After a few minutes I finished off the hedge and climbed down from the ladder and found I had an enormous hard-on in my pants from seeing the girls. I put away all my equipment and went and had a shower and could not help thinking about the girls next door and how sexy they were. As it was still early and my wife was not due home for another 4 hours I decided to catch some sun myself and slipped on my swimming trunks and lay back on a lounger in the garden and put some music on. I had just settled down when one of the girls called out to me. I answered and was invited over to have a drink with them. I slipped my shorts on but left my shirt off and was at their front door in seconds. It was answered by Suzi whose breasts looked even bigger close up and whose bikini was struggling to cope with their size. I was told to follow her into the garden and almost had a heart attack when she turned round and I saw she was wearing a thong which covered none of her cute peachy arse that was as smooth as I had ever seen. I felt my cock twitch and I am sure my face reddened.

Once in the garden I met Amy again and as with Suzi I realized she also had very large breasts that were not so obvious from my ladder. I was given a large glass of wine and offered a lounger. It was clear from the empty bottles on the patio table that the girls had already consumed at least three bottles of wine and it was only 2 o' clock. We all lay back chatting and I had now removed my shorts and I was just in my speedo's which I have to say does show off my cock rather well which without being boastfull is quite large and very fat. As we chatted I could not help myself from checking out the girls breasts from time to time and it was clear both had very erect nipples. By 3:30 we were all getting quite burnt from the heat of the sun and they suggested to go inside for a cool drink. I tried to make my up an excuse to leave but I was almost dragged into the house but two very drunk and sexy girls. I sat on the sofa as the girls gathered some drinks from the kitchen.

When they returned they sat at either side of me and sat very close and I mean, uncomfortably close and they laid there heads on my shoulders. What happened next was another shock, Amy switched on the TV and the DVD player and it was clear they had been watching porn either earlier of last night as a very good quality hardcore movie came on the screen and again I suggested that I should leave but I was again persuaded to stay. The action on the screen was far heavier than any porno I had ever seen as my wife won't let me watch them at home. The action was almost a mass orgy with lots of incredibly gorgeous women going down on blokes with very big cocks which certainly made my cock stir. Suzi spotted this and asked if my cock was as big as that. I was very embarassed at this comment and just said that I really didn't know. Again I was persuaded to stay when I tried to leave.

I felt really vulnerable in the company of two stunning big breasted ladies who were half my age. I should have been in heaven as this has been one of my fantasies but I was really scared. As the film progressed I felt more and more turned on and anxious to leave but I just couldn't. It was then that Amy said: "Come on lets see if your cock is as big as his" pointing to one of the guys getting a wonderful blowjob in the film. I just said "Dont be silly" but Suzi just placed her hand onto my now harding cock and began to rub it and I could do nothing to stop her. Together with Amy she pulled my trunks off and I found myself helping them. My cock then sprang into view and Suzi was the first to wrap her hand round it and begin to wank me and it was not long before I was fully erect and Amy was joining in, caressing my balls. Suzi then stood up and let go of my cock and Amy took over wanking me.

Suzi then removed her bra and her 38DD firm breasts came into view before dropping to her knees and slipping my cock in her mouth as Amy continued to wank me. I just had to reach down and play with her enormous tits, pinching and rolling her nipples between my fingers that obviously made her very hot. Amy then also slipped off her top to reveal the most perfect tits I had ever seen; firm, tanned with huge dark nipples. She also dropped to the floor and both girls shared my cock taking turns to suck me. I knew I was getting close so I warned them but they just continued and finally just wanked me into their mouths taking turns to swallow my cum and both licked me dry. I had to play with Amy's tits as well as she had by far the most perfect pair of the two and she sat onto my still erect cock and allowed me to suck and caress her tits for ages as she rode me until I finally came inside her. As she slipped off me Suzi sucked me dry.

I sat back on the sofa and slapped myselfin the face expecting to wake up and that it had all been a dream but fortunately it was for real. I did leave about 30 minutes before my wife got home and showered, ready to great her. She thanked me for the work I had done and told me to take it easy as she grabbed me a beer.

The following day is another story but I can tell you I spent more time with Amy and Suzi...

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