Busty Story - Comforting Brenda

from: Martyn

I was at home alone having just finished a night shift and the wife was at work as were the children (grown up). I was getting ready to go to bed but I wanted to have a shower first. I was just about to get out when the door bell rang. My first thought was that it had to be the postman so I slipped on my short dressing gown. I was still dripping wet and naked underneath and I rushed down to answer the door.

To my surprise it was not the postman but a colleague from work, Brenda, who I had know for quite some time and who had the most amazing breasts. Brenda was in quite a state, she was crying and obviously very distraught. I quickly invited her in and sat her down in my lounge and asked what her problem was. I was more surprised that she came to my door as I was not a close friend of hers and had only really passed the time of day with her and had admired her huge chest from a subtle distance. Brenda had had a huge break-up with her husband the previous night and had walked out and had been sleeping in her car. "I have no one else to turn to so I decided to come talk to you. I know you are a good listener." she told me. I don't know where she got that from but it was fine by me.

I made Brenda a hot drink and we sat and talked about her problems. During this I almost forgot I was still dripping wet and that I was naked beneath my gown. Brenda asked if she was disturbing me as it was clear i had just showered and was still wet. I said it was fine and I was not in a hurry to go to bed so she was welcome to stay.

I have to point out that Brenda is 25, she is blonde, quite short at about 5'2". She is slim with enormous 38D size boobs and she was wearing a tight vest type top which showed off her massive cleavage and a short denim skirt that showed off her perfect legs and some nice strappy sandals that made her tiny feet look just fine. As we sat chatting about her problems she asked if she might take a shower.

I agreed and pointed her in the direction of the bathroom and gave her clean towels. I also told her to use my bedroom to change in should she want to and left out the hairdrier for her. As she showered I went down stairs and made some more tea. About 15 minutes passed and I could hear the hairdrier, then it stopped and Brenda called to me so I went up to the bedroom. There on the side of my bed sat the gorgeous Brenda in just her bra, panties and a mini skirt.

Brenda asked if I had a T-shirt she could borrow as she had slept in hers. I could not help staring at her huge tits that were quite visible through her bra and the outline of her huge nipples. It was amazing and this was tranmitted to my cock which started to stir. I grabbed a T-shirt from my wardrobe and handed it to Brenda. As I did she slipped her hand under my robe and took hold of my semi-erect cock and just gave it a gentle rub.

I started to pull away but she just sank to her knees and slipped my now erect cock into her mouth and was now giving me an amazing blowjob. I was just blown away by these events, you read about them but they don't happen to you. I slipped of my robe then reached down and undid the clasp on her bra and let her tits fall out. As she continued to blow me I played with the biggest tits I have ever seen. Brenda looked up at me and winked as she sucked me off then slipped my cock between her tits and gave me my first ever tit wank and in minutes I was coming all over her tits and face.

When I had shot my last load she cleaned my cock off and licked all the cum from me. Brenda stood up and without a word went to the bathroom and cleaned up. Moments later she came back naked and we had the most amazing sex session that lasted for hours. Before she left she allowed me to take some pictures of her tits. When she left she thanked me for being there for her and that was it, she was gone.

I have seen her at work but she just nods or says hello, and she seems happy with life. I wonder if she has done this with anyone else. I am of course very grateful and I often pull out the photos to remind me of that amazing day. I also never ignore the doorbell in the hope she is coming back for more.

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