Busty Story: My big boob fantasy

from: Jack

I've ALWAYS loved big boobs but never really had a girlfriend with truely big boobs. My biggest had been a D cup which is fine but I truely yearned for bigger. Eventually a friend of mine introduced me to an ex-amateur pornstar who he knew and he told her my wish. I might add that she was 36E.

She thought this sounded fun and agreed that we should hook up for some action. Well I went to her apartment and she greated me at the door in just her bra and thong. My jaw nearly hit the floor. Her boobs were massive, even bigger than what they looked like in her pics and videos.

We chatted etc then got down to some kissing etc, I finally took one of those boobs in my hand, it felt amazing. One thing led to another and finally she said, "I suppose I should let these puppies free". Who was I to argue. The vision of those big tits falling out of that bra was amazing.

After a while of her sucking my cock she suggested that she wanted to put on a condom for some fucking. At that point I stopped her. "No way" I said, "First I want you to wank my cock all over those boobs."

I knew I wouldnt last long if I went straight to fucking her. Next thing I knew she was wanking me aiming my now hugely swollen cock in the direction of her massive boobs.

I couldnt take it anymore and what happened next was a sure sign of how turned on these boobs made me. My cock exploded, but instead of soaking her boobs my cum shot up over her boobs and hit her face, one squirt even went over her head. It was amazing.

That was me for 10 mins, we chatted for a while and slowly I could feel the ol' fella twitching again. She noticed too and helped by sucking me back up. Once he was fully up, the condom went on and onwards with my request.

"Which way you want it?" she asked.

Of course I said "With those boobs it would be rude for you not to go on top."

And she did, 36E breasts bouncing out of control as she fucked my big thick cock, it was heaven.

We moved round a few positions and finally I shot another big load in her. This time while sucking her nipples which must have been about 3 inches in diameter.

I'm hard now writing this. Guys, big boobs rock, no contest.

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