Busty Story: Flip, Sip Or Strip

from: Dave

My wife Treacle and I invited a few of our closest friends over for a few drinks and some nibbles but it turned out to be an amazing night. One I guess we will never forget.

It was a Saturday night and we invited six of our friends over. Treacle, Evelyn, Linda and Nikki, three of Treacles friends had just returned from Greece from a girls only holiday so it was an excuse so look at the holiday pictures or so they said. Besides Evelyn, Nikki and Linda we invited over our friend Martyn and our neighbours Pete and Julie.

We do this sort of thing quite a lot as we have all been friends for a long time, most of us went to school together and have remained good friends, but it has never turned out this way before. We had often played games but never sexy one like "Flip, Sip or Strip".

The evening went well and we watched a new version of Debbie Does Dallas on DVD and viewed the Greece pics where in some the girls were topless. I have always loved the sight of Evelyns tits although Treacle does not know I had already had the pleasure of them before and Linda has a huge chest that I could only dream of diving into so it was amazing to see our closest friend almost naked. On top of that we all consumed lots of alcohol.

It was getting late and Pete and Julie decided to leave, it was then that Nikki suggested we play a new game she had purchased from an Ann Summers party. She explained what it entailed and that she had made a few saucy alterations to the forfeits. We had been friends for so long and we were all well lubricated with alcohol so we all accepted the rules.

Nikki went out into the hall and returned with the game. We set up a batch of shot glasses and some alcohol and the game commenced and it was not long before we were falling about laughing at some of the forfeits we had to do and at the same time losing our clothes and getting very drunk.

Within 30 minutes we were all in our underwear and the forfeits were getting more risque. I had to kiss various girls, I had to kiss nipples, I had to watch as my wife was relieved of her bra by Martyn and Linda and Evelyn had to use a vibrator on each other.

After another few rounds of drinks and forfeits all the girls were topless and a naked Evelyn turned a card over that read you and a stranger give a ten minute blowjob to the man on your right which happened to be me.

I looked over at Treacle for her reaction and she said go for it but not here go into the bedroom and we will time you.

Evelyn chose Linda to accompany her and we three left for the bedroom. I felt very uncomforable there I was with two gorgeous topless women both of whom I fancied. I was pushed onto the bed by Linda who pulled off my boxers, and my semi erect 8 inch cock flopped out. Linda and Evelyn dropped to their knees and took turns to suck me as I sat at the foot of the bed. I was never going to last ten minutes and wanted them both to share my cum and but sadly before I managed to cum the ten minutes were up and I had been sucked wanked and given tit wanks by both women but I did not cum.

We returned to the game and everyone was now naked as they had continued on and I discovered Nikki had sucked Martyn off assisted by Treacle in our absence. I had to cum and it was only a matter of time before I had another chance to play with Evelyn and I was to give her a tit massage as I did this she played with my cock and soon had me close again to cumming but again my time was up.

The game sort of finished there and we all got dressed and cleaned up. It was whilst tidying up that Treacle caught up with me in the kitchen and informed me that she had invited Evelyn to stay and that we were to have a threesome and that I could fuck her and do what I wanted to her.

I could not wait to get to bed and was soon joined by Treacle and Evelyn. Evelyn sucked my cock while Treacle sat on my face.

I brought Treacle to a climax this way as it is her favourite as Evelyn sucked me off swallowing eveything and then getting Treacle to help her lick off. This was the most exciting night ever. I did manage to fuck Evelyn and Treacle before morning something I hope to do again.

Next time I want them to dress up as surses in stockings etc and use me as a patient. I live in hope...

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