Busty Story: Happy thanksgiving

from: Enrique

My first big boob experience was with a highschool hottie I was dating. She was a small, curvy Puerto Rican with nice legs, great ass and a set of 40D breasts you could not believe on a seventeen year old.

She was aware that I liked her but she did not trust me a lot. She said football players had bad 'reps' and were out to get only one thing! Well I convinced her that I really was a nice guy, that I was very sincere and I would not hurt her feelings.

Thanksgiving weekend came around and her mom and dad went to see some friends. She called me over to try some of her pecan pie. I got there in like 10 minutes flat ready to go with my game face on really pouring on the charm.

She was wearning tight jeans (she said for protection from me) and a tight black t-shirt that really showed off her wonderful boobs. We started to make out and fool around and I could feel her hesitate and get aroused at the same time!

I was rubbing those beautiful tits for all I was worth and sucking on them through her shirt! She was hot and ready to go but like I said no trust yet in those eyes but she asked me to leave because we were getting too hot and heavy. I said I understood and as I prepared to get up and leave she said "Wait a second".

I stopped moving and sat back down on the couch. I asked her "Whats wrong honey?". She then told me "For being a good sport and stopping when I asked you, this is for you!".

She then straddled me face to face and rolled up her shirt, unclipped her bra from the front and let those gorgeous tits just fall out right into my face! She said "These are yours for a little bit of good behavior. Please do not leave any suction marks too high up, but under my tits. Go for it bobcat (Our school mascot)!

I sucked and rubbed and fondled and licked and pinched and sucked some more. I made her laugh and I made her moan.

I even tried to stuff each big tit all in my mouth. I would push both of her boobs together and suck her nipples hard, but then time was up!

I helped her put those babies back in her bra and fixed her shirt kissed her again. She patted my rock hard cock and then leaned over kissed my groin and said "Next time I get to rub you all over here" with her hand still on my cock and balls! I walked out the door and went home with some pecan pie, a hard on and a smile!

Trust and patience go a long way. Two weekends later she was mine! I love Thanksgiving!

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