Busty Story: Last day at work

from: Major Curves

This is a real life boob story.

I was working as a manager at a large computer company. Our team administrator/secretary couldn't keep up with the workload and was assigned a support person. Her name was Jeana, about 5 foot 10 inches tall, flawless black skin, huge tits (they must be 36EE's!) and this innocent sweet face that makes you think she was completely oblivious as to why she got so much attention.

She would come into my private office several times a day for work related tasks and each time I swore I felt sexual tension between us (and of course, tension in my pants). Everyone knows that as a manager, I had to be very careful about sexual harrasement. So, like a good boy, I kept my mouth shut and never mentioned my facination with those huge tits.

Months went by and I received a call from personnel. In the meeting, they tell me they are down sizing and I'm being offered a package to leave. I accepted and I was given 2 days to pack up and vacate my office.

On the last day, I was in the copier room (private area) and who walks in but Jeana. She asks if I could stop so she can make some copies for her other boss. After a few copies are made, the copier jams and together we bend over to open the copier doors. She looks me right in the eyes as I look deep into her shirt at those breathtaking tits. Her cleavage just hanging there was making my mouth water.

We worked on the copier paper jam and the while I couldn't stop imagining touching her tits or better yet, letting those monster tits loose. To my utter surprise, she then looked right at me and told me: "I wish you could touch them too!" I almost lost my balance and couldn't believe what I just heard. I thought for a brief second and replied "I've thought about it a hundred times Jeana, but as a manager I couldn't even think to ask" An awkward 5 seconds went by that felt like 5 minutes, but I got the balls up to say "I don't know if you heard, but I got laid off yesterday, after 5pm today I don't work here anymore...". She flashed me this dirty little smirk and said "If you can get us a room, I'll meet you by the back entrance at 5".

I couldn't believe it. All the guys I knew that wanted to bag this hottie and she says that to me! 5 p.m. couldn't come soon enough. Sure as hell, she came walking out of the back entrance, jumped in my car and asked where I was taking her. We had a few drinks in the hotel bar, then went to the room for dessert.

We started making out and button by button I opened her shirt to expose the beauty of those 36EE's. She asked me to wait, while she unhooked her bra and slowly she let the girls out. She told me she likes to have them squeezed real hard, so I shouldn't be shy. I wasn't! I squeezed those 36EE's like I was buying a truck load of melons! They were so large I could squeeze them together and suck on both her nipples at the same time. She moaned so much when I started doing that.

She asked me to titfuck her, so I got on top and she sucked me until I was hard as steel then she spit between her titties and slipped my cock between them. She squeezed her tits down hard on my cock as I titfucked her hard. I could feel I was going to cum, but I wanted to save that for her pussy, but then she started yelling harder, harder, harder and licking at my head. I just couldn't hold back and I shot my load all over her face. She kept milking my cock for every last pump of cum I could muster.

I collapsed on the bed, what an experience! She soon got me hard again and I was able to return the favor, giving her several orgasms to remember me by. The freakiest part of this whole story though is when I dropped her off at her car a few hours later back at work. She thanked me for making her fantasy come true. She said she always wanted tease and then fuck the boss.

We both got our wish!

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