Busty Story: I am a professional massage therapist

from: Massage Me

In my line of work, I have all types of clients - men, women, fat, thin, fit, shaggaliscious, fugly, butterfaced, and everything in between.

My favorite are two kinds: small waists/flat tummy with EITHER big tits (or tiny tits w/pointy nipples.) The reason is because when I cover them up with the white sheet, their nipples ALWAYS get hard no matter what. It doesn't matter if they're in the "mood" or not.

Once, I was massaging this track athlete at a local university and she had a super tight ass with about C or D cups.
I massaged her shoulders and back but she wanted me to concentrate on working her legs. I spent a lot of time on her feet and calves and worked up to her hamstrings and buttocks. She was still wearing her panties so it was hard to give a thorough rub down of her glutes.

She asked me to hold on a second and she swung her legs around while I held her sheet as to give her privacy. She took her panties off and climbed back onto the table and laid on her stomach. Of course I was eager to get back to work.

I used my oiled up forearmes to massage her ass cheeks and then I started to use my hands. I rubbed the inside of her thigh to loosen her groin muscles. (those get real tight for runners) I deliberately worked really close to her crotch and felt some pubes tickle my fingers. That's how close I was. Soon I could feel some heat down there and as I rubbed her inner thigh - still with a sheet covering the whole region - I could hear her 'lips' smacking together from her juices flowing. It was really quiet in the room so there was no mistaking the sound of pussy lips parting and closing as i rubber her down. I'm sure she heard it too but she didn't react.

At this point my cock was throbbing hard and I asked her to flip over. I held up the sheet so she could roll over and then I laid it down over her. I tried to cover up her loins by bringing her sheet down a little.

Inadvertantly, I exposed her nipples. They were dark and pointed. About the size of a quarter.

I proceeded to rub her arms, shoulders and worked the back of her neck by lifting her head into my hands. Soon I was working the upper parts of her chest, just above her tits and below her collarbone.

I carefully watched her body language and facial expression as I slowly worked lower and lower until I was full on kneading her firm titties. She didn't seem to object at all. In fact, her mouth parted slightly and it seemed like she was enjoying it.

Within a few more minutes, her sheet was totally off her chest and I was just oiling her tits shiny and wet. There was no therapeutic purpose whatsoever and she must have known this.

Her eyes were closed the whole time so I leaned in to poke my tongue on her nips being careful not to breathe on them or she would notice I had my face all up in her tits.

I licked it again and again and she didn't react. Soon I was full on sucking them and she was letting out small groans. She seemed to like me licking her right titty more than her left so I kept at it.

Before I knew it her time was up (one hour massage) and I had to cover her and let her know we were done.

I stepped out to let her put her clothes on and she thanked me, paid me and left. She didn't say anything and didn't smile or give any indication that she either liked it or didn't.

Hopefully she'll book again soon.

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