Busty Story: Massive Milk Monsters

from: Will Travel

Growing up I was a little shy, not comfortable talking with girls that I hadn’t known for years, I actually didn’t get laid until I was almost 19. I knew I had to catch up on life FAST so I joined the army. A couple of years in the military put me ahead of all civilians when it comes to the ways of the world. One of those military lessons brings me to visit a dark little titty-bar on the outskirts of town.

I was barely 21 and had only been laid a couple times in my life. Last time was almost two years before that night. This was the first Monday of the month which is when the new girls are ‘broken in’ on stage gradually working them up to the weekend.

There really aren’t any “New" girls, just ones that rotate through the area and are new to any given bar. This arrangement allows the owners some time to see if a girl is suitable for the establishment before the big crowd shows up on the weekend.

So there I sat when the first ‘New’ girl steps on stage, she was a Scandinavian goddess, 22 years young, 5’3" tall, 115 lbs, natural long blonde hair to her hips and bright blue eyes. Oh yeah, and amazing knockers with magnificent dark puckery nipples, the areolas were two inches across with tits as fat as my finger and 1/2 inch long!

I was wearing sweats and going ‘commando’ for no other reason than all my underwear was in the laundry - so I was trolling big-time but not really aware of it. When she finished dancing she came over (clothed) and straddled my lap putting her arms around my neck resting her massive rack on my upper chest and ground her cunt into my dick then introduced herself and asked my name. I stammered something in reply.

Then she reached between her legs, down my sweats and whipped out my cock. Up until now I never knew I had a long dick, like I said before I was a little shy and didn’t get laid but a couple times before this event.

She pressed my dick against her belly and the tip reached her navel. She said: "Put that thing away, I’ll get my purse" and jumped up and went to the bar. At the bar she told the barmaid "I’ve got to fuck that guy right now, I’ll be back tomorrow!". I was thinking "Holy shit! I must be dead because I’m in heaven!"

We went back to her apartment to fuck. When we got in the first thing she said was that wanted to shower off the glitter, makeup, and sweet perfume "Would you like to join me?" Now I knew I was dead and in heaven, we washed each other and dried off. Her ‘bed’ was a king-size mattress on the floor and it nearly filled the little bedroom from wall to wall.

She jumped onto it, landing on her back and her knockers bounced off her cheeks - what a sight. I spotted baby oil next to the bed so I grabbed it and moved in. I spent a couple of minutes kneading her knockers with baby oil then I went down on her muff still kneading her jugs.

I’d never eaten pussy before and told her so, I told her to let me know if I did anything she didn’t like. I let Sam Kinison be my guide as I recited the alphabet in her muff. After tonguing her tight hole like a bear eating honey I then gently nibbled her bean-size clit and rolled & pinched her nipples until she came exploding in my face!

Eureka, a gusher! At the time her boobs felt wet but I didn’t pay any special attention because when she came she washed down the walls so I thought cunt-juice splashed onto her boobs re-wetting the baby oil.

Next she sucked my dick but by now I was wound up so tight I couldn’t cum. I can’t explain it, excitement & nerves combined just didn’t want the fun to end and I couldn’t cum. I made a feeble attempt to explain this then she says ‘I’ll make you cum’ and climbed on my painfully throbbing cock.

As she rode down a fraction of an inch farther with each stroke she kept saying "Wow, you have a long cock!" until I felt ‘The End’ of her tunnel.

Now she was going wild trying to slide down to my balls, she was screaming with each stroke attempting to fit my entire dick inside her. During this I was sucking on her tits and kneading them all over my face. I pulled her up a little higher so I could take over the fucking. M

y dick was too much and she had to move upright, her huge boobs swang’n and bouncing everyplace in that position! I felt myself winding up to shoot a load (finally) and picked up the fuck-pace, this brought her to another orgasm that I thought would surely kill me.

She gushed again soaking me from my knees to my neck but also sprayed milk from both tits like a lawn sprinkler! I ‘went with it’ and squeezed her jugs rolling my finger toward the nipples amplifying the spray to dozens of jets spraying down the wall behind me down to my face. The sight was too much and I came by the gallons.

I lost all control and grabbed he around the waist pulling her down as I rammed my dick home. She screamed so loud and long I thought for sure the Police would be knocking on the door in a minute! She lay on my chest for a minute, both of us catching our breath, and then she began to giggle and sat up slowly sliding off my dick. When the head cleared her cunt buckets of cum sloshed out all over my belly and balls running off onto the bed.

She sucked my dick a little then curled up with a leg over mine and fell asleep. We awoke nearly glued to each other and the sheets!

That was the beginning of a summer I’ll cherish forever.

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