Busty Story: My First Time With Meena

from: Karthik

My first time was with a girl that I'd known since I was young. Her name was Meena and she looked like a total goofball when she was younger but man. . . did she turn out different when she grew up. I went through a similar transformation and we ended up being two pretty hot friends. We stayed friends for a while and I'm sad to say I never built up the guts to make a move earlier, but she did (when I was 21 and she was 20)! Yes, I know that's kind of late to lose your virginity but hey, at least it happened though!

It all happened in college and she came over for a visit during Christmas break. We were both studying in the US at different colleges and we were far away from India, our home. My apartment was totally empty because it was Christmas and she decided to take a flight to come over and visit. Late afternoon, when I went to open the door, I got the best greeting I had ever had so far.

Before I get into that though, let me just give you a description. Meena is around 5'4" and around 125 pounds. She has wonderful medium-dark skin, which is the perfect skin every Indian tries to get. She has dark hair that falls around in long, elegant twists that bob around as she moves. Her eyes have an almond shape and are a beautiful hazel color and her smile is so radiant. I know I sound like an idiot in love but you really have to see her to understand.

The best part though, is her body. She fences and she has toned legs and arms. It also gives her butt a nice round shapes. Her breasts are hands down, the best breasts I've seen. They're 36DD's and are so round and firm. I've spent so many nights thinking about their size and shape compared to so many other girls that always leave me convinced that hers are the best. In short. . . she's a goddess!

Anyway, back to the story. I open the door and she practically flew into me. She's the athletic type and she jumped straight on top of me, straddled my hips with her legs and (unwittingly?) shoved her breasts in my face. I was in total shock and my hands instinctively grabbed her ass to prevent her from falling down. The total momentum of her jump though, had me stumbling backwards, still holding her, and I fell backwards onto the couch behind me.

She was now on top and she yelled "Haaaaaaaa!!!! I finally get to see youuuu!!!!". She dove forward and planted a long kiss on my forehead, making sure to make a loud 'muah' sound, as if she just kissed a baby. She then jumped off and went back out the door to grab her stuff. I was still totally stunned and she came back in to find me still on the couch.

"I'm not gonna get on top of you now, silly! Maybe some other time!" she yelled, sticking her tongue out. "I want to shower now" she continued, "I'd better find an awesome dinner when I get out. I'm in the mood for a lot of meat". After that she walked off straight into the shower with her bags.

Now, I was totally taken aback by the boldness I'd seen in the last two minutes. Due to shock I hadn't said a single word the whole time. She had become a totally different person in the two years I didn't see her. Her remark about a 'big chunk of meat' had my brain going all over the place too. I started pushing down my growing cock and tried to focus. She had probably been a party animal at her college and maybe even had already had her way with some guys. I was starting to see a new Meena. Someone who was a lot bolder sexually. . . maybe someone who wanted to get what she had always wanted from an old friend. Ideas were flowing in my head and I decided it would be now or never. First things first though, get some food ready!

I'm a pretty good cook and I whipped up some fast chicken curry and rice. I know she liked it and I made sure it was just like the one her mom made. She came out of the shower and I had to say, at that point my jaw dropped, with my dick doing the exact opposite. She was wearing a thin white T-shirt, clearly with no bra underneath from the outline of her two large nipples. Her PJ's were thin as well because as she turned around to drop off her stuff in my room, her ass jiggled a bit with every step. I turned back into the kitchen and smacked my cheek to get my growing erection to stop. She turned up in the kitchen and both of us grinned like crazy.

"You didn't even let me say hi you silly girl!" I yelled. "Come here right now!" She stepped forward and I gave her a playful smack on the side of her head. She laughed with a little "Ow!" and said "Sorryyyyy!!!! I was just super excited for us to finally see each other again! Be happy about your greeting dumbo!"

I smiled and turned around to start pulling out plates. As I did, I felt a big smack on my ass and I jumped up. She came from behind and gave me a big hug, pinning my arms to my side. "That was for hitting me". She buried her face in my neck and started ticking me there with her lips. "Okay okay! Hahahaha, you win, you win!" I yelled.

This whole situation was turning me on and I was really glad I was in heavy jeans and tight boxer briefs that kinda kept my dick down. She was still hugging me from behind as I started preparing a plate for her. I made sure I set out the rice and curry professionally. "Chicken curry!" she exclaimed, "I wondered what smelt so familiar! Thanks so much!". She planted a big kiss on my cheek and grabbed the plate, but I held on to her hand.

"You're welcome silly!" I said. "You should learn to cook some time though and this is a good opportunity. The chicken isn't finished and you're gonna do it. " I set the plate on the table, spun her around in front of me, and grabbed both her hands in mine. I'm pretty athletic too as I do martial arts and I know how to handle people. I guess she was taken aback at MY boldness now since I was right up against her with my crotch on her ass. She smiled though and said softly, "What do I do?"

"Simple", I said, "Just take the cilantro and cumin I've set out and sprinkle it over". "Oh ok!". She did just that and then tried to leave but I still had her pinned to the table. Both her palms were now flat on the table with mine on top of them. My raging erection was pressing into her ass and I think she was thoroughly enjoying herself because she smiled.

"Now what do I do silly?" she cooed, "Are you gonna let me eat or do you want me to start dirty dancing on your crotch?"

"Well I DO need something in return for all the work I just put in" I said playfully. "I'll give it to you later", she quipped. With that, she pushed her ass out and shoved me backwards. "Sneaky!", I said jokingly. "Well, let me eat, fool. I'm all over this stuff. Tastes amazing too!" she said.

The sexual tension kinda died down after that. We just kept eating and talking but I'm sure both of us wanted each other badly after that. We sat next to each other, eating and talking but she kept rubbing her leg against mine. I kept glancing down at her tits and she must have seen me. She kept jutting out her chest to make her breasts dance and my dick kept straining my pants for her to see.

We both got done eating and I cleaned up while she went to my room. When I got there, she was lying face down on my bed, with one leg up and looking at me with a lusty grin. "So where's my payment?" I demanded. "I was gonna get to that. You turned 21 a few months ago right?" she asked. "Yup! Awesome bar crawl happened too" "That's fine. But you didn't get a lapdance?"

My brain froze, then started up again, 10 times faster. I could already see where this was going. "Nope. My friends weren't kind enough to get a stripper for me" and I smiled. "Awww poor thing. Come here and get on the bed. I'll give you one" My dreams were finally about to come true. I sat down on the bed and she stood up, turned around with her ass facing me. I was mistaken earlier, as I could now see that she was wearing a thong. This showed clearly as she bent over and pressed her butt against my chest.

"You're so naughty!", I yelled, "Is this all you were doing when you joined college!?" "You have no idea sweetie" she replied. With that, she sat down on my bulging erection and leaned backwards to push me onto the bed. She then sat up and slowly grinded against my dick, with her hands starting to rub her breasts. She turned around and straddled me for a while with a mad lusty smile. Her pussy was rubbing against my jeans and then she spoke. "Looks like you're not really feeling me down there. I'm getting these off"

She zipped open my fly and then pulled off my jeans like a total pro. My dick was bulging in my briefs and she stopped for a moment in surprise. Let me explain, Indian guys are reputed to have a small penis. I'm a lucky exception and my dick is a good 8 inches long, even better, it's kinda fat. I smiled and said "Bit more than you expected?" "Totally! Hahaha you would get so much ass if girls knew about this"

She got back on top of me and started rubbing her pussy on my throbbing penis, making sure to go from bottom to head. With only her PJ's and my briefs, we could both feel each other 10 times better. I started to stare at her tits and she caught me. "Naughty boy. Don't stare at my boobs. If you want them so bad, you should just ask" She leaned forward and shoved her tits in my face. At this point, I was in heaven and I knew cumming wasn't far away.

"Hahaha you're suffocating me!" I laughed. She laughed and leaned back but I grabbed her breasts. "Let me just have you as a toy instead" I said. I picked her up and dropped her on her back onto my bed. She was a bit taken aback when I lay down on top of her and spread her legs but she caught on and wrapped them around me.

"Now you're mine", I said, "No more talking". She smiled and nodded. I started kissing her softly and she responded. We were two animals just waiting to get at it and I could feel it in the way she ran her hands on my back.

It was good to be on top and I liked the dominant position. I stopped kissing her and slid my head down to her breasts, kissing them through her flimsy shirt and getting her nipples wet. Impatiently, I grabbed her collar and ripped the shirt apart, letting her wonderful breasts fall out. Taking a nipple in my mouth, she moaned out and I kept going.

She was making all kinds of moans and this just got me more and more excited. I massaged her breasts and licked them but I wasn't done yet with the foreplay. I yanked off her PJ's but went back to her breasts. Slowly, I kept kissing my way down to her thong and she opened her legs up accordingly. I could see the wetness of her pussy around the fabric and I took off her thong to get her fully naked. My tongue slowly shifted its way into her, and she started moaning so loudly. This was my first time and I was doing a lot better than I had expected in not cumming before. I kept changing the form of my toungue and she moaned and purred all the time, going towards an orgasm.

She kept moving and writhing in anticipation and finally, she grabbed my head and pushed my head deep into her as her back arched and I could feel nthe juices flow. She tasted a lot different than I expected but I kept at it with my tongue and lips, with a quick pause to look up at her face. Her eyes were closed and she had a look of pure ecstacy on her face. My tongue stayed in her for a couple of minutes and I was as deep as possible.

She was ready for it, and I was so ready to give it to her. I took of my briefs and my dick came out, in all it's glory with Meena starting at it, shocked by it's size. I went back up on top, and laid on her. We kissed, the taste of her pussy getting all over her tongue. I was rubbing my dick across her pussy and I finally slid it in slowly. She gasped and yelled: "OH MY GOD! IT'S SO FUCKING HUGE!"

There's nothing a guy wants to hear more than that but my joy was short lived. In thirty seconds, I knew I was gonna cum and I said just that. "Shit! I'm gonna cum!" She was surprised but she reacted so well. She jumped up and plunged her mouth over my dick. This was just in time as my dick exploded into the back of her throat. I let out a long sigh and grabbed her head, keeping it there as she tried to move back. The cum was filling up her throat and she may have found it a bit hard to breathe but I was gonna enjoy the feeling I had waited for.

I slid out of her mouth and she gasped, finally able to swallow and breathe. "Thanks for the favor babe", I said, "First time see?" I smiled. "I know! Haha you're such an amateur!" she teased. "Well you shouldn't have said that", I said. With that, I shoved my dick into her open mouth and she let out a muffled yelp, then relaxed. I had my hands on her head and I started thrusting slowly into her mouth. I had long imagined facefucking her and it was finally coming true. I picked up the power and I could feel her gagging and choking. It was the best feeling ever. I finally yanked out my penis and it was covered in spit. She breathed out so heavily.

"Wow you're fucking black, not Indian! I want that in me again!" "Of course!" I threw her onto her back and grabbed her waist. She was gonna get a pounding and I was ready to go for a long time now. I tickled her pussy with my dick then slowly slid in. I held her waist as I went in and out, slowly picking up the pace and letting myself go on auto pilot. The speed picked up and her moans and screams got louder and louder. I was pounding her so hard her tits were flying back and forth. She threw her hands above her head and grabbed the railing to try and hold herself steady but to no avail. I was in charge and I was an animal. I kept fucking her for ten minutes till she let out a huge moan in orgasm. Her pussy was sopping wet all over my dick and I stopped fucking, keeping it deep inside her.

"Time to change!" I said gleefully. I flipped her around to all fours and she turned her head to look back at me. I grabbed her hair and yanked it backwards, saying "Keep your eyes in front". I had imagined taking her from behind so many times and it was going to be just like I wanted. I slid into her, making her yelp once again. This time there was no slow fucking at the start. I went straight into high gear and let her have it. Her ass jiggled with every thunderous pound and she was yelling incoherently.

"AH FUCK FUCK FUCK PLEASE FUCKING AHHHH OOH OOH OOH OOH YES YES YES!!!!" I would have laughed unstoppably if I had recorded that and replayed it but I was really into the moment. We kept going at it and I leaned forward onto all fours as I fucked her. We were in the ACTUAL doggystyle now and it felt so primal and it was such a turn-on. I kept going and going till I made her cum AGAIN. I wasn't going to stop but she suddenly dropped out from under me and I slid out. I have no idea how she was so fast but she jumped on top of me, spinning me onto my back and straddling me.

"OK!" she panted. I had clearly tired her out but she was now gonna have her way. "My turn!!" She dropped her pussy onto my shaft, impaling herself. This was it. My most anticipated position of all and I knew cumming wasn't far away. For five minutes, she rocked me like a pro, letting her hips sway back and forth like a pornstar. I was in absolute bliss and I grabbed her breasts, pulling them down onto my face. She was tensing up AGAIN, unbelievably but I wasn't going to complain. We were both about to cum and this one would be inside of her. Slowly but surely, I started stiffening up as she kept riding me and finally, I exploded. I pushed up into her and held myself there as we both let out primal screams of orgasm. She collapsed onto me, and we both laughed.

I hadn't expected to laugh like this but she said "I finally had you. You muscular beast haha! Didn't think to find a pornstar in you but you totally went animalistic on me" "Well you're pretty pro at fucking too! What on earth were you up to in college?" "A lot haha!! You'll hear about it later" We smiled and kissed, holding each other tightly.

We just stayed friends after that, but we fuck all the time. Even after we both got into relationships, we find ways to fuck without anyone knowing. She's always been my best sex buddy and I've never met anyone who can do it as well as she can.

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