Busty Story: My friend Sheri

from: Jack Franzler

College was a time when my amount of friends expanded dramatically.

I attended and threw parties and found myself being late to classes because I would run into so many friends along the way. One of my friends came to college from my high school and while I had known her casually back then, Sheri became my platonic sidekick at college. Sheri had the type of body that made guys stop walking and start staring. I guess she was a 38DD with a flat stomach. She used to brag that she had the best legs on campus. It would have been close, if there had been a contest. She was pretty with dark long hair and sparkling brown eyes. She had a killer sense of humor. She was one of the few girls I knew who could make me bellylaugh. But, with all that, she had no boyfriends and put off every guy that came on to her. I valued our friendship and never came on to her.

Sheri and a few other girls became what today may be called my platonic posse. Everyday I would leave for classes by myself. By the end of the day I was walking with a group that included Sheri. Everytime a guy joined our flotilla he would give Sheri a hug. Some gave her longer or more intense hugs than others. We all greeted each other in some way, but Sheri always got hugs. She wore skin tight tops that accentuated her boobs. Each time she was hugged I could almost see her boobs being pushed up and out of her bra, which was probably the main reason why the guys hugged her so often. But, I never hugged her.

During high school I was well aware of her and thought of running my hands over her bare breasts. But, she was one of many that I lusted for and now that we were in college, I didn't want to let her know how much I wanted to play with her - naked. So, I watched, and never hugged. One evening while we were talking on the phone she said she had just gone braless for the first time and took a bus ride. She talked about the people who stared at her and how her boobs jiggled each time the bus hit a bump. I wanted to know every detail. I never thought at the time that she had any interest in me whatsoever, so I just thought she was sharing an experience that I now still remember 30 years later. I asked her how she could be surprised at so many guys staring at her when she was braless with big breasts and she was hugged by almost every guy on campus. She was embarrassed. She said she knew her breasts were attractive, but she didn't know until that day that she could stop traffic.

A couple of nights later she invited me over for dinner at her appartment. She was going to make me spaghetti. I greeted her without a hug. I brought her something and gave it to her. She was cooking and I realized that she was braless. She was wearing a tight white t-shirt that showed every detail of her chest. I loved looking at her sideways.

Her shirt wrinkled just below her boobs in a way that a smaller girl's shirts never bulged. She was popped (I thought all girls were popped 24/7 at the time, so I didn't think it meant anything) so I could see her excited nipples pushing through her t-shirt and it was all I could think about. There is a heft, a weight that big breasts have that is so luscious when they hang within a t-shirt. You can follow the natural outline of the breast with your eye and get caught up staring at the nipple hoping to see how big her aereolaes are. I like big ones and strained to see if I could tell if hers were big or not, but being her friend, I did not want to gawk. So, I took clandestine stares when I could and tried to focus on eye contact. She served dinner and she would not let me help. I know what you are expecting and you are right. She leaned over me as she served several times and brushed my cheeks with her breasts. I said: "What are you trying to do me? Get me excited?" She asked me if I could tell whether she was wearing a bra or not. That was like asking me whether it was day or night. I laughed and asked her if she was kidding.

I told her that if she had been wearing a low cut t-shirt it would have been hard for me to be just be her friend. She laughed and said if she was wearing a low cut top and leaning over this much, her chest would fall into the spaghetti. She asked me why I never hugged her. I was visibly embarassed and she told me so. I told her that I felt guys came up to her to hug her just because they wanted to feel her chest against their own. She said: "So?" I said that I valued our friendship and did not want to take advantage of her for cheap thrills. At that point I became very uncomfortable, and I know what you are thinking, but you are wrong.

I walked over to the phone and called a mutual girl-friend and invited her over and told her to bring others with her. Sheri was angry, but I didn't realize it for a while. Cindy lived in Sheri's building and was there within 5 minutes. By the time Cindy walked in the door, Sheri was wearing a bra. Within half an hour a few others came by and, well, Sheri wouldn't have anything to with me for the rest of the evening. The next day I was doing my own version of a Seinfeld scene where George Castanza does an epiphany over a "coffee" recollection. You know, the episode where this hot woman, who was salivating over George, invited him up to her appartment for "coffee". George said something like "No thanks, I don't drink coffee. Goodnight" and he walked away. Shortly thereafter he is thinking and hits his palm to his forehead and screams out "coffee!!!!!" He got the message too late and so did I.

I had taken care of myself earlier in the morning because she had made me so horny the night before. I was still so frustrated that I just sat on my bed in my room, pushed away my school books and just sat there in a delayed stunned state. Sheri appeared in my doorway or I should say, she barged in and stood there in tight jeans and a t-shirt, braless, defiantly, hands on her hips. She slammed my door shut and locked it. She came over to my bed and started screaming at me for inviting other people over. I apologized, which infuriated her further.

She pushed me down on my back on the bed and staddled my chest. She grabbed my hands and told me to close my eyes. She put my hands on the side of her breasts and said: "Do you know what these are?" I of course answered yes and she asked me: "Do these turn you on, AT ALL?" At first I thought off all the guys she put off after clearly teasing them and I did not want to become another on the list. So, I hesitated. She said: "Open your eyes!!" and I did.

She then slowly pulled her t-shirt up over her body. As the bottom got to her breasts, the shirt started bulging like it was going to pop open. Instead, one luscious breast popped out and then the other. I had my own version of slow motion memory going and I watched as each boob undulated up and down. Oh my God, my dream had come true. I was staring up at the best set of boobs I had ever seen. She had perfect aerolaes, a bit smaller than my fist, and she was swaying her boobs over my face. She dropped lower and ran each nipple slowly back and forth over my moustache. She had stopped talking. She sat up and again put my hands on her boobs.

I gently explored the underside of each realizing how exciting the heft or weight of each one was. These were the perfect shape that I had waited for once a year in Playboy. Every year there was one woman with perfect big breasts. These were better than anything I saw in Playboy. They were so firm and responsive. She stated moaning when I played with her nipples. I started by rubbing my index finger over each nipple. Then, around each nipple and then, with each finger. I wanted every possible experience and I wanted them in slow motion so I could remember every moment. While I felt every contour of her breasts and flat stomach, she literally ripped my t-shirt off my body. She then dipped down and brought her lips to within, oh, about one nanometer from mine, and she stayed there. She asked me why the hell I invited Cindy and the rest over the night before.

My answer was to kiss her gently. Just lip touching lip. Then, again and again. Finally we shared deep kisses from which it was clear that we were both excited to explore each other. Again, explosively, she sat up. She undid my pants and yanked them off my body, and literally tore my underpants off. She stripped down to her panties and said: "All the girls tell me that I have the equipment to do something they can't and I am about to find out." With me sitting on my bed with about the hardest boner I had every had, she got down on her knees on the floor and put my dick between her boobs. She then started rubbing each breast up and down on my cock. Sometimes they went up and down together, sometimes as one went up the other went down. I memorized the moment.

Each time I tried to touch her, she pushed my hands away. Her breasts rubbed me slowly, then fast, then she did what I had also dreamed of many times. While she was rubbing my dick between her tits, she put the head of my dick in her mouth and started blowing me while her breasts caressed the shaft. There was not much room for both, but she found ways to rub her boobs up and down and sideways while her mouth surrounded the head of my dick with a wet firmness that became my favorite feeling in life. At times she would rub her breasts up and down fast while circling just under the head of my dick with her tongue. Each time I tried to touch her I was pushed away. I wanted to explore what was inside those panties. I wanted to feel that entire body, but I was beginning to realize that I was going to come. I tried to stop her and I told her I was about to come.

I tried to pull out of her mouth. She fought me and she changed position. She pulled her breasts away and let them dangle below her. She grabbed my hands and put them under her breasts. FINALLY! I just played with her nipples as the weight of each breast filled the nipple and aereola. She then went down deeper on my cock. Wet and firm and I couldn't control myself. Spasms of orgasm took me over. My body lunged and twisted and she kept on sucking. Finally, I tried to make her stop, the feeling was so intense that my entire body was stiffening. She stopped and rolled me over onto the bed.

She straddled me again and bent down for another deep kiss, and then another and another....

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