Busty Story: Sister-in-law's Laundry

from: Fish Stix

The summer before my wife and I were married, her sister asked if she could do some laundry at my house. Seemed a belt broke in the motor and she couldnt get anyone over to fix it until the following week.

My future sister-in-law was always polite to me so I thought it would be a good way to earn her respect. Plus, she had some pretty good sized tits which I used to (and still do) cautiously check out.

I started doing some chores around the house and my soon to be sister-in-law showed up with 2 heaping baskets of laundry. She carried them into the laundry room and set them on the washer and thats when I noticed she was going braless under a gray t-shirt. I couldn't see through the shirt but her nipples were poking through the thin gray material enough to make my mind wander. I watched her load the washer and those biggies were jiggling back and fourth and she leaned over and loaded clothes into the machine. She said she would be back in a few hours and took off.

I went back to work, watched a little tv and then remembered she had clothes in the washer. I unloaded the first load and put that stuff in the dryer and started another load for her.

In the very bottom of the second basket was all of her lingerie. The first thing I did was check the tag for her size and was excited to see she was a 36DD. Originally I guessed she was a C or D cup but I was happy to be wrong.

I finally ended up washing her bras and things most of which were matched sets on a gentle setting. I hung them on the line outside to dry and then brought them back inside and matched them up by color on my bed.

When my future sister-in-law returned I told her I had folded her clothes so I could do laundry. Well, I forgot to fold her underwear which was still laying all over my bed. She laughed because of the way I arranged her lingerie but I told her thats the way I fold clothes.

I asked her if she was embarassed because I folded her things and she said not at all. She wondered if I was embarassed and I told her more curious than embarassed. She asked me to explain and I said I didn't realize her tits were that big. There was this weird silence for about 10 seconds and then she asked me if I wanted to see them.

I told her I wasn't sure, her being my soon to be sister-in-law and everything. She told me it couldn't hurt just to look and I said as long as she kept it between us. Well, she pulled that gray t-shirt over her head and threw it on the bed and I never saw a more perfect pair of natural tits. They hung slightly together forming a little cleavage and she had light freckles all over her chest that began to fade where her tits were. I thought I only stared for a few seconds but it must have been a minute or two.

Finally, she sensed my overwhelming desire and told me she really enjoyed having her tits sucked. I figured if I already saw them what was the harm in a little sucking. She laid down on the bed and I grabbed a big handful of tit in each hand and sucked and licked. Eventually I ended up giving her a good tit fuck which she enjoyed just as much as me. We agreed to keep our secret "one-time" experience as she called it to ourselves for obvious reasons.

Although, we've had a few more "experiences" over the past 6 years which I'll save for another time...

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