Busty Story: Taking my friend home

from: Curtis

I had taken one of my lady friends out bar hopping with me one night. We where only going to go out for a couple of hours but ended up as late as closing time. She was alot drunker than me so being the gentleman that I am I escorted her home.

We got to her place about 40 miles away and I walked her inside. I lingered a moment to make sure she was ok and just to chat because she is one of my good friends. I was about ready to leave when I realized I had not given her a hug to say goodbye. So went back in the house to tell her goodnight and she was still standing in the kitchen where I left her. I gave her a hug pressing her large 38D's against my chest and I gave her what was supposed to be a quick kiss...but it wasn't.

I kissed her lightly then all of a sudden her tongue was in my mouth and my hands where all over her body. I caressed her body for a while before I slid my hands under her shirt and started grabbing her breasts. I slid her shirt up and just started licking and kissing and sucking her big juicy tits.

She moaned and moaned as I ferociously licked and sucked her ample breasts. She said we needed to stop because she didn't have a rubber. I obliged and backed away.

She told me not to worry though she wasn't a total tease and reached down and grabbed my cock. Then it was my turn to lean against the counter while she licked and sucked my cock. She left her shirt off and knelt just at the right angle so I could see her tits swaying back and forth as she sucked me faster and harder until I emptied my balls into her mouth. She sucked me clean stood up gave me a kiss and sent me home with a smile.

We have never done anything like it again and are good friends to this day.

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