Busty Story: The perfect pair

from: Mr Perfect

I have done many bar gigs as a DJ but none better than the night I worked the Texas Longhorn Saloon in Houston. Budwieser was hosting a promotion that night and they always have hot chicks at their events.

All night long I had my eye on one of them. Missy, 5'8", long wavy blonde hair, and 38 FFF's. Stone cold knockout, bedroom eyes, flat stomach, great tan, wow! She was wearing a Bud T shirt that was about two sizes too small and it was tied in a knot right above her pierced belly button.

We flirted with each other all night and after the promotion was over and we were all just hanging out drinking she grabbed me by the wrist and said "I have to tell you something".

She lead me back to a dark corner of the club, sat me down in a chair and said "Watch this". My heart started to race, was this really happening??... Yes it was.

She started to untie the knot holding those huge melons back, leaned toward me and said "I do this at my other job". Then she arched her back and the two most beautiful breasts I have ever seen slid out from under her shirt. 38 FFF, silver dollar size areolas and pencil eraser size nipples. Round and firm with perfect bikini triangle tan lines, better than I could have imagined. Perfect.

She gave me a lapdance for two or three songs, rubbing her big firm tits all over my face. Finally I couldn't stand it anymore and I told her we had to take this somewhere more private. She said she was staying with a friend and we could throw down there... with her girlfriend! For a few minutes I thought I was going to experience every man's dream.

Too good to be true?? Yup. The friend passed out on the way there but after we put her to bed it was a race to get naked. We had been talking to each other all night long and it was time for sex!

I thought I was going to pop in the first five minutes but she was unbelieveable. Right when I was about to spew she would stop me, change positions, climb on my face or smother me with those two big boobs of hers. She was a screamer too, oh man. I thought her friend was sure to come in at any moment and tell us to shut the hell up.

The best position was her, wearing only 5 inch heels, her right foot on the floor, left knee on the bed, ass in the air and her face in the pillow. I could watch her big tits bounce all over the place while I banged away at her. When I was about to cum she said "On my tits, cum on my tits"! I rolled her over on her back and sprayed all over her upper body. We just laid there for a few minutes trying to catch our breath and the whole time she was rubbing my cum all over her tits and mouth.

Later when I was leaving she surprised me again. When she walked me to the door she was still naked, which was great but when I asked which way I should go to get back to the main road she walked right outside stark naked then pointed "That way". It was about 3 O'clock in the morning but I still couldn't believe it. I just stood there in amazement thinking "Is this the perfect girl or what"? Maybe not perfect but the fuck of a lifetime.

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